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Ghost In The Road
by Anonymous © November 12th, 2017

Location: United States
Here in Hawaiian Village, Oahu, there is a legend of a child that was killed in the street, he was hit by a car one day when his toy ball rolled out into the street and the little boy ran after it. There was an older lady behind the wheel, who couldn't stop in time, and tragically she struck the little boy and killed him, this is the legend, supposedly the event occurred in the summer of 72.

Now fast forward to a moonlit summer night in 1989. I was driving my car home and was coming up to the section where the boy was killed back in 1972. About 500 feet ahead of me I see a little child dart out in front of the road, scared the hell out of me, I didn't instantly correlate the legend with what had just happened because I was in shock that there would be a child running in the street so late at night.

As I approached the section where I saw the child run out into the street, there was nothing or nobody there, just endless beach up to the ocean, so I could easily have noticed if the child was still there.

Then I began to think about the legend and got chills all over my body. That night I believe I saw the ghost of the child from the legend. That night was a very weird event that still has me bewildered to this day.
November 12th, 2017

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