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The Old Woman
by Ashley99738899 © October 30th, 2017

Location: United States
    New Mexico
So this happened to me, well in my culture if a cricket goes in your house at night that means a ghost wants to talk to you. I didn't know about it until this happened to me, so one night I was watching TV. My favorite movie was on and all of a sudden I saw a black cricket on the floor. I was thinking should I kill it then I just said to myself let the little guy live. Then the cricket goes in my room right there I started hearing footsteps like someone was walking around in my room. I was scared and plus I wanted to know who was it so I grabbed a spray bottle and I went in the room and I saw an old woman in my mirror.

She looked at me and just smiled at me. I screamed so loud I was thinking about throwing up. I went out and I went in the car drove to my friend's house. I told her what happened, she said was there a cricket in your house at all? I said yes, she said crickets are ghosts in our culture. So I went to sleep at her house then I dreamt I was in my room and I saw the old woman, she said who are you, after that she said that you are a beautiful young woman I wish I looked like you, then I woke up and I got a blessing I went home and went to my room. I looked in the mirror and I said thank you, you are beautiful too. I hope you guys liked my story, have sweet dreams bye.
October 30th, 2017

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