Kramer Has Company

by sav8604
© October 7th, 2017

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My mother has a thing for Kramer from Seinfeld. So, one year for Christmas, I bought her a framed print of him. It hung on the wall for about 9 months, and then one night, we were telling some friends how haunted our apartment was. We were all about to go ghost hunting together, so these friends had camera's with them. One of them started taking pictures, and he was looking through them on the camera when he noticed one of the pictures had a face that did not belong. The face showed up in the print of Kramer.

We know it was not a reflection of anyone in the apartment, because the face is that of a male, and the only male in the apartment had a camera in front of his face. Also, in the photo, you will notice a reflection of a lighting fixture that was hanging from the ceiling. Based on the fact that the face showed up above this reflection, the face would have had to have been on the ceiling to have also been a reflection. A couple of days later, my mom and I were talking about how the print was haunted, and that we should maybe sell it. As soon as we said that, the print fell off of the wall! I am including the close up of the photo, to highlight where the face is. I will post the picture to the photos category of this site
October 7th, 2017

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