The Attic Door

by Jennie928
© September 4th, 2017

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United States     Minnesota
When I was a child, we lived in a 3 story house in Minnesota,
I never got a haunted feeling from the house but it did have a huge attic,
the door to the attic was in the playroom, the playroom was on the third floor so you would have to go through the playroom to access the attic. One day when we were in the playroom having fun when the doorknob to the attic started to turn back and forth, ever so slightly the doorknob started to wiggle. Me and my brothers and sisters looked at each other and freaked out and ran downstairs to get dad. After we got dad, we all went back upstairs, dad was carrying his shotgun, he thought it might be a burglar.

So we all made it back upstairs and surrounded the door to the attic, we counted to three and opened the door to the attic expecting to see someone or something and wholla, there was nothing behind the door, my little sister Becky started crying, she was freaked out, I was just kinda in shock.

Well, that was the end of us playing in that playroom, we jut kinda stayed out of there after that. We never knew what it was that shook and turned that doorknob to the door that opened up to the staircase to the attic but to this day I still get a chill thinking about it. We moved out of that house about a year later. But my memory of the ghost in the attic is still as strong today as it was the day we all saw the doorknob wiggle. I do believe in the paranormal, just too many things I've seen, just like this, has made me a believer.
September 4th, 2017

I like this story, it is chilling, Reminds me of something that happened to me.
November 19th, 2017

(November 19th, 2017)Baron Wrote: I like this story, it is chilling, Reminds me of something that happened to me.

I agree with Baron, thanks for sharing this great story!
January 13th, 2018

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