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Waking From A Deep Sleep

Waking From A Deep Sleep

Dream of my mother's death
It was July 14th of 2006. I had went to bed around 9pm because my brother and to race the next day and it was my job to make sure everything was packed and ready the night races. At about 2am I woke from a deep sleep scaring my dog at the time. The dream I had was of my mom passing away. In the dream it showed something about it being something to do with her blood and that it would be someone she was close to but someone I was not close to that would be calling me at 2:05pm on July 15th 2006 to tell me she had passed on. I did not think anything of it at first but it did startled me thinking that something had happened to her. I had just got done loading everything but the food into the truck that morning for the races that night so I decided to touch base with a penpal of mine in England and as I was talking to him the phone began to ring right at 2:05pm. I answered it and the woman calling was my mom's youngest half sister telling me that my brother and I were needed at the hospital right away and that if we needed to bring my dad that were to do so. She wasn't going to tell me anything until I demanded her to. She then told me that my mom had passed away at 1:05pm from blood clots that went from her legs to her heart and lungs. I told her thank you for calling and that I would call my brother and his wife to let them know myself because I felt my brother should hear from me and not someone he disliked. I called my brother and told him that the half sister had called the house and why. I then got a call from his wife asking for details of the phone call and I told her as well. I then called my dad at work and he yelled for his boss and I heard his boss tell him to get home and be with the us when we go up to the hospital to find more info out on what happened. I didn't like what I was hearing from my mom's mother so I told my brother since he is the oldest he can make the choices over mom. Later that night as I was trying to go back to sleep for the night I kept thinking how did I already know she had already gone. Then I remembered my dream. I fell asleep and then the next morning I went to talk to a friend online and told him about another dream I just had that I remember in detail that was going to happen at my mom's funeral and sure enough the fights and yelling I had dreamt about the night before was happening even to the detail of cops showing up to find out why they were called. Never did find out who called the cops, but everyone stayed clear of me when I told them all off for fighting and yelling and that I knew all of this from her death to the fights at her funeral was going to happen. And that was why I didn't shed a tear that day. I already knew she was gone and there was nothing I could do.

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awww i hope you are ok if that was real and i have had that type of dream before and it happend to you

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