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This is MY death and I'll do MY way!

This is MY death and I'll do MY way!

" Sometimes being an empath / clairaudient / clairvoyant / medium...and God Knows what else, can lead to some interesting situations. It can even put you in a humorously bad spot. Let me explain. "
My grandmother had suffered from progressively worsening dementia for around a decade and had been living in an assisted living center. At 90+ years old, as is prone to happen sometimes, she fell and broke her hip and was taken to the hospital. While the surgery to repair her hip was successful, the stress proved too much for her weary body and soul. I soon received a call that if I wanted to say goodbye that I had better come right away.

So, I did...

When I arrived, the first thing I notice is her left arm making a repeated motion as if flicking someone's hand off of it. So, I tuned in. Sure enough, there was my grandfather who had passed several years previously....and my grandmother.

For those who aren't aware, at a point NEAR death, the spirit is able to step out of the physical body. The physical body is still alive and the spirit remains connected to it. This was the stage my grandmother was at.

And she was in her full former glory....stubborn, opinionated and in control of the situation.

The conversation went roughly like this:

Grandfather:  Come on dear. It's time to go. Come with me.

Grandmother: Dammit grandfather! This is MY death...and I'll do it the way *I* want! Now, I'm not going ANYWHERE until my dad gets here! So you can just quit trying to SUCK me off into the afterlife said while gesturing grandly.

Oh...yes indeed. I knew then that he and I were in for a mighty fine time. My grandmother is the epitome of "spitfire". Arguing with her is a wholly fruitless endeavor. So my grandfather patiently stepped back, stood in the corner and waited. He knows...

My father arrived the next day. He walked into the room, She opened her eyes (having stepped back into her physical body at some point the previous evening. He spent several hours with her before telling her he would be back in the morning and heading to my aunt's house. I, myself, stepped out to get some dinner and returned to relieve another family member who was sitting with her. The family member left and my grandmother pops out again.
I was able, for the first time in years, to have a real conversation with her. This consisted of her giving me the lowdown on who to keep in line and how to do it, instructions on not letting anyone revive her when she was ready to go (to which I had to promise to use any means necessary to prevent it), "how the he** are you even talking to me? And why did I not know this about you?", and her description of dementia (which she described as "It's like you are flying a plane and some drunken monkey trusses you up, gags you, takes the controls and all you can do is scream silently as you watch the horror show unfold.") All in all, it was a classic conversation with my grams. She's like a box of chocolates...you never know what you're going to get.

The next morning, we returned and my dad again spent a while visiting with her. He and my aunt then decided to pop out to my dad's favorite coffee shop that he likes to visit when he is in town. My grandmother was already out of her body when we got there, so the moment they walked out of the room, she's giving me instructions.

"Now, you keep an eye out and let me know when they get back....when they are coming across the parking lot. You hear me?"

She says before realizing that because two of my cousins are still in the room, my barely perceptible nod is all she's going to get in the way of an answer.

So, sometime later, I see my dad and aunt walking across the parking lot and casually say to one of my cousins..."Oh, look! Dad and your mom are back..."

Ten seconds later, my grandmother stops breathing and detaches from her physical body. She wanted her kids close but didn't want them to see her actually pass.

Granddad jumps the gun and gets reprimanded - "You just stay right where you are. I'm not going anywhere until I kiss my kids goodbye."

My dad and aunt walk into the room to find my cousin barreling out to go find a doctor. My grandmother walks over to my dad, gives him a kiss on the cheek and says "Goodbye my baby boy..."

Then she walks over to my aunt, puts her hands on her hips and says "I swear .....You were a constant thorn in my side. I never knew whether to put my foot up your backside or just ignore your craziness and hope it would go away. Right now though...you'll have to settle for a kiss." and kissed her on the cheek as well.

She turns to me - "You have more sense than any of my grandkids...that's why I'm trusting you with this job. Now, don't you let them run amuck. Oh...and one last thing. I gave you my name. You, by GOD, better carry my casket to my service....and don't let these fools drop me."

At this point, she turns back to my granddad...walking towards him.

"Oh, what? Now you have nothing to say? Well, come on then. Go ahead. SUCK me off into the afterlife Eager Andy." again making the same grand gesture, flinging her hands and arms out and then apart.

While I'm left there trying not to laugh. My family already thinks I'm odd. The last thing in the world I needed was to laugh at my grandmother's passing.

But...as always....she did it her way...Planned out every step and put her business in order.
How could I NOT laugh? I don't know but I know I thought I was going to blow an aneurysm from the effort of keeping a straight face.

Some days a gift....
Some days a curse....


© WyspersInTheDark - 06-07-18


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