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The scariest thing I have ever seen

The scariest thing I have ever seen

Trust me it was scary
Ok so it was a Friday I was in the kitchen getting ready for bed with my girlfriend then my girlfriend screamed I said "what's wrong?" she said "I saw a dog with a big creppy smile" and then I remembered that I saw a dog on creppypasta so I called investigators and they found nothing I was really scared then i heard down my hallway a dog crying so I just thought i was hearing noises so I went to bed it was around 11:45 when I saw a dog with a big smile at my doorway to my bedroom so then I flicked on the lights and then it disappeared I flicked them off and went to bed it was then 7:45 AM I woke up and found blood marks on the walls on my girlfriends side of the bed so then I thought the worst then I pulled down the covers and saw a bite mark on her head and then blood on my sheets so then I called the paramedics then moved out the day after.

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damnnn thats no joke.

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