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394 Views   2 Comments   9 Likes   Added 01-28-20
As the artist strikes the canvas with his brush
what a marvelous color of red
Black darkened sky of death
The decapitation of the painting looks like a gruesome piece
Horrifying but a master piece
That looks like melted flesh
They were dying just to see painting
It emanated a horrible smell
Some people said it was rancid
Others pointed to the morbid tell
The painting was called death itself
They wondered why
When the unveiling came oh they were all in for a big surprise
Everyone drew quiet as they were all pleased
Out came the artist
And told them all good evening
And for who is coming might be grim
The reaper knows all you have done it is time for you to enter the river sticks
So he pulled the sheet off
And loud thunderous screams and shrills rang about the room
Everyone was consumed into the painting
No struggle
Just vanished in a flash
How candid is that
One swoop
Of a madman's painting
Gave them all the axe
Nothing left behind but the smell of rancid death
Some people still hear the screams
Others still smell the death
And if you see a blood-red painting with dark black skies you better run
For it will find you and haunt you until you both are one
© Creepy Megan

© Creepy megan - 01-28-20


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