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The Wolfish Man

The Wolfish Man

N.B. This is a short story from my husband, who claimed to have came face-to-face with a vampire-like creature in Philippine folklore called an Aswang. It is up to the reader if they wish to believe in this or not.
We weren't living together yet, and he was still my boyfriend. He lived in a depressed part of the metro, among... interesting groups and individuals who either kept to their own business or minded others'. I've gone there several times myself and while it's hard to know just about everyone in that area, you can easily spot the odd men who are not meant to be trusted.

There was one night that my husband came home from a drinking party with his friends and cousins. It was a little past midnight, and while he was not piss-drunk, he needed a long piss. He stopped in an alleyway wide enough for two people to pass.

As he was taking a leak, he felt that someone was staring at him. He looked to his left and saw a man: his eyes were savagely animal, his brows so thick you'd think them wolfish, and his skin shone with oil. His breathing was heavy and shallow; he seemed to growl like an injured dog and he looked feverish with unnatural hunger. My husband did not say anything but wondered why this... man?... would not just walk on the other side as the alley was big enough for the two of them. but given that he's a bodybuilder, he flexed his muscles and finished his business, quickly walked away to find his house.

He was relieved that no one and nothing followed him.

The next day, they received news that a pregnant mother from a nearby subdivision died in her sleep with no known medical cause. My husband knew it was something else, but decided to keep it a secret until much later.

He never saw that devilish man again. Some say he went back to his hometown after news broke out of the death of the mother, claiming him to be an Aswang, a beastly ghoul known to eat fetuses from pregnant mothers, devour innards, and shape-shift into large animals. Others say he died of natural causes. Whatever the case, my husband knew that that man was part-human and part... something else.

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