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The Haunted Forts

The Haunted Forts

Some haunted military forts I got to visit.
So every summer I take a trip to Whidbey Island. This island is home to an old military fort called Fort Casey. This fort isn't the only one there, though. There is also fort Worden, Flagler, ebey, and townsend. I went to Casey, Worden, and Ebey. Casey, of course, was pretty freaky. It had cement mazes and old electronics. Also, people died there. So that's... delightful. Surprisingly, of the month I was there, I only had one paranormal encounter. It was when I was alone with one of my friends, and there was a loud grinding sound coming from one of the old cannons. 

Fort Ebey and Worden was another story. Ebey isn't taken care of at all. There's pentacles all over the walls, straight down dangerous drops, unhinged doors, and metal screws all over the floors. I had the great idea to go through its cement mazes ALONE. I encountered three spirits working in one room, then lots of random singing. It was, in summary, absolutely horrifying. In the lookout tower, I also could have sworn I saw somebody looking through the spyglass. Fort Worden was also pretty freaky. It had a stairway straight down into complete darkness (which of course I had to go down). In said darkness, there was an unlit maze (which I got lost in). I saw a few floating things down there, and also something was throwing rocks at me. Not as freaky as Ebey, of course. Can't wait to go back to them this summer! [Image: 6659fa1a0022a_images%20(47).jpeg]

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