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The Ghost of Christmas?

The Ghost of Christmas?

So, it was just past Christmas, Christmas of 2018. Man the year just flew by. Every year, everyone gathers at mine for the Christmas Festivities. This year was different, everyone was tired, and everyone just wanted to spend it with.
So, it was Christmas just past.  Christmas of 2018.  Man the year just flew by.  Every year, everyone gathers at mine for the Christmas Festivities.  This year was different, everyone was tired, and everyone just wanted to do their own thing.  My parents were the only ones we entertained this year, as they are elderly now, and it was us they wanted to spend it with.  I love my parents, and because we lived so far away from them, I told them to spend the night..

Our 26 year old son, finally moved into his own place, I mean, he can't live with us forever, and besides, he had a wife and 2 daughters of their own.  They NEEDED their own place.  

It was a sad moment for us, because I love all of my kids, and it was a sad mile stone for my husband and I to see him all grown up with a family of his own and now, a house of his own.  My son and I are extremely close, and he has witnessed some pretty terrifying stuff of his own along our travels as a family.  He is very open to spirit contact, and has the gift of seeing them.

So now Christmas was upon us,  we realized that this would be the first Christmas without our son by our side in his 26 years of life.  I felt lonely without him.  He would always be by my side either helping me cook, or just hanging out with me, I felt like a piece of me was missing (I still do now he's moved out), but the good news was, he only  moved a kilometer away from me, so he was still here, but not here.

He decided that this year for Christmas, he would take the family camping.  I mean, it is summer here in Australia, and there is no perfect time to hit the beach than Christmas.

They chose their camping spot, and set up the tent.  They were in the company of other friends, who also chose to hang with their buddies for Christmas.  Fair enough, right?  The camp grounds they went to, had one of the most exquisite beaches attached to it in which I believe the world (yes, I am biased).  However, it had a gruesome history back in the 1860's.  A tribe of Aborigines were lured into the ocean by the European settlers offering grog as their preferred method of friendship, when the Aborigines welcomed them, the European's drew their rifles and murdered the Aborigines in cold blood,  leaving them to bleed out into the ocean.  The settlers then came ashore, and began to murder the women, children and babies of the tribe, until there was no one left alive.  Their bodies were burned!

So, now I have the history part out the way, lets fast forward to 2018.

My son and his mates got all set up and began to enjoy a few beers and yarns around the campfire.  One of my son's friends, had brought her little dog.  Well, everything was going great until the dog started barking and snarling and walking backwards to his owner.  My son watched on for a couple of minutes and continued to observe the dog's strange behavior all of a sudden.  My son said the atmosphere got heavy and a weird sensation started to resonate around him and his friends.

My son decided to pull out his phone and take a couple of pictures.  When he saw what he captured, he sent me through the pics right away and asked me what I thought.  I told him he needed to pack up and bring the family home.  I had a strange feeling they weren't safe.  I am glad for once in his life, he listened to me, he packed everyone up and came home lol.  His mates decided to stay, and the next day, my son's friend called him saying they ended up leaving too cause when they went to bed that night, their tents started shaking and rattling, even his mates car wouldn't start (He had to get jumped).  I am glad they all got out safe, as reports in this area is very common, and sadly, they are not the only ones who have encountered this terrifying experience.

Check out the pics below, these are the pics he sent through to me, what do you think?
[Image: 5c9e8a04a9525_ghost-pic.JPG]

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That is totally amazing that you were able to catch that on camera! Great photos!

I'm amazed the dog didn't take his eyes off the entity. Good find, and I hope doggo is okay!

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