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Sweet lullabies as the tree begins to rock
Oh how the baby cries
Some wonders if it will stop
For the wind it howls
As the leaves begin to fall
Oh the bough wants to break
Oh will the baby just fall
These are the stories
The terror
That we all grew up on
For they are short tales
When we are older we ponder on
So why is the child in the tree
And did the baby get hurt
The silly terrorizing things
We sing with horror conflict and hurt
Just as depictions of London Bridge
A game we all played
Ring around the Rosie
Deathly Lil plagues
For once a twisted tale of horror
Turned a lullaby come true
Tales and songs of misfortune
Childs play as we all sing the same tune
So listen closely children and have eyes and mouths sewn shut
For the songs of misfortune
Sad Lil deaths turned into ghosts
And rise up
For singing a song
Or even hearing a tale
Like the brothers Grimm
It is fascinating when we are little
But when we grow older
We think
What the hell is this shit..

© Creepy megan - 12-04-19

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