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The Confused Man

The Confused Man

This is my friend who is going to type so yeah. Hey guys, my name is Deanna so this is my story, I hope you like it. So one time I was in my field watching the sunset when a man came up to me, he said what year is it? its 2007 right? I said no sir and who are you? He said I killed myself because I hated my life. Then I started hearing voices in the woods then he said I gotta go because the others are waiting. Then he ran so fast that he disappeared in the woods. Now I realize he was a ghost that was confused. I hope you like my story. I know I know it was a short story but it did really happen to me. If you have any questions comment bye.

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Mr. Ghost Stories
Wow, *shutters* that is deep and disturbing,

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I love Linkin Park's songs the rock band I love the color black and blue I love to draw I love to sing rock and act I always want to have fun at town❤ [More]...

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