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That night when she spoke to us

That night when she spoke to us

we spoke to our late mother
on hallows eve, 
me and my twin brother found an ouija board in the bin by our neighbours house . We diceded to take it home so I hid it in my back pack and tried to act normal around dad due to he hate these things all be cause he is a vicar at our local church 
and mum passed away a year before due to she kept hearing voices and seeing things 
and we got really scared we thought it was totally normal but it wasn't the things she was seeing were terrifying she would scream at 3;30 the time I was born . S o we started playing the board thing its a normal game but when it stated moving its self we  looked at Each over in horror and I said "are you moving it ash" and he looked at me like are you crazy . But I was serious and he could tell I was 
so I asked "Is Rachel Alice Melling here (mothers name )"? and it moved to yes . we looked at each over and said at the same time
"she's here mums here" and we swear we saw her standing by the window . Ash said "ask her something Raven" I nodded and took a deep breath and asked "mom are you by the window again ??" and it moved to yes and I asked "can we see you ?" it spelled "I love you " 
ash asked " mom come to the light " we only had a candale due to it was 2 am . the boared went to yes . when we could 
just see her spirit the boared moved to spell "don't be scared I am right here ." then dad nocked on the door and we screamed then ash said " its not that bad were talking to mum" and dad sits next to me places his hands on he mover and asks "Rachel are you here with me and the kids ?" it moved to yes ash said "look behind you dad ." I said " you might want to " as soon as she saw her she came closer and I could feel her hand on my shoulder. Then the  board moved to say " Happy Birthday you two" I looked at the clock and it said 3:00 am the exact time ash was born then 30 minutes later it was me due to I was  born at 3:30 am . just then dad saw her like he did when we were born there was screaming blood crying panting and a lot more. me and ash saw our birth before us and  wispered to the darkness "I LOVE YOU MUM." and the boared said "its time for you two to get to sleep " dad said "stay safe Rach (dad always calls her that) " and the boared said "look after my Babys' charle's please " and dad Nodds to the darkness and ash says "mum wait . I love you unlike Raven here  here who always says it (so I just gave him the mum glare and he laughed) and I waned the right moment to say it. and we all said au " 
and I stare at him as if to say finally you've said it and he says aloud "I have been waiting for the right moment unlike t the same time bye mum talk later . and that was the best but spooky night of out lives and from then on we have been talking to her even at church we sneak out and go there and talk to our late mothers ghost . sometimes there would be other spirits and I can not sleep to this day since then i haven't stopped thinking of my mum . I don't eat or sleep anymore since that night .

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Raven Melling
this was all true

Am I the only one who doesn't believe it?

Raven Melling
10-09-23LifeLong_Death Wrote: Am I the only one who doesn't believe it?

I am telling my story 
and that's just your opinion and I am not Judging you but it is quite harsh . (to me)

This does seem a bit sketchy, given that that isn't usually how a Ouija board usually works...? It could be true, just seems a bit off to me.

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I was born under a blood moon . I am 14 years old I might be cursed, I have alot of strange things happend to me like possessions [More]...

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