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the night i will never forget

the night i will never forget

oiji bored
so it was a normal Friday for me and I had invited some of my friends to stay the night and so around 5:30 they arrived and we were all having fun watching movies and all and one of my friend's kya said "hey wanna mess with the oiji bored I bring from home" and we said sure so we were asking questions and it was answered and personally I thought it was them moving is not a ghost but when I asked it "are you angry at me" all of a student my picture frame of my mother who had died giving birth to me came crashing down and we all were started and I had taken my hand off the board and I was scared as fuck so I had brushed it off and we went to bed around 2:14 I was woken up by someone singing in the hallway. so I looked around and saw nothing and when I tried to go back to bed I was pushed off my bed aggressively and my friend was in the guest bedroom so it wasn't them and so I was startled and friend and what I saw next horrified me to this day I saw a woman with long wight hair and a red dress and pail wight skin with cuts all over her and her smile omg her smile scared me it looked like she had cared a smile on her face and what she said has left me puzzled she said "the things you cant see are the things that don't matter"  and she disappeared.

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lunar wolf
enyone even like it? alltho it was a tarafying and hartbraking experice for me

lunar wolf
03-03-22anonymouswolf Wrote: enyone even like it? alltho it was a tarafying and hartbraking experice for me

never be afraid to be afraid

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hi im wolf thats my nickname and im 14 im a female and i love going outside and doing stuff that can get my hands derty [More]...

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