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236 Views   0 Comments   9 Likes   Added 12-09-19
Drip, drip, drip, drip the constant noise I hear with dread.
Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch
I hear at night while trying to sleep in my bed.
Creak, creak, creak, creak 
I wander is there someone here besides me.
The chill in the room is always rising.
As I lay here in my bed I can see my breath.
Hello I whisper...
I think this is all in my head.
The creaking of the floor begins once again.
I want to run out the door...
My heart is beating out of my chest...
Afraid just scared stiff and oh so cold.
I wonder amongst the living 
At least that was what I was told
The thing I fear is that I am the one that passed on and had no where to go 
This is my house they live in and I fear them in fact 
They took all my belongings and put them upstairs
I yell 
I scream 
I put up a fight
They just look astound
That's why I lay here tonight in the attic with all my things
I thought I was being haunted
But all along it was me
I need someone to set me free

© Creepy megan - 12-09-19

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