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Silver, Frozen Silence, and Blue

Silver, Frozen Silence, and Blue

This picture I drew is a haunted object.
People don't realize that when one's life is a circle of upheaval of negativity, anger, resentment, and mental anguish, they can produce something that can be haunted or possessed by a wandering spirit. All one has to do is channel energy into an object time and time again to make the object come to "life". 
When one creates something of value to them, they put their 'life force' into an object-whether it be love, hate, anger, lust, or want. Most of the people who create such objects have dealt with many varying types of dysfunction in lives and don't know how to truly control what is inside, no matter how much therapy they receive to try to control their minds. 

I'm an artist and my life has been a pit of living hell. I've dealt with varying kinds of abuse, neglect, narcissism, and negativity from family that should not have happened. 

But it did. 

When you cannot channel all the pain you've ever felt, it manifests into objects sometimes without your knowledge. With such manifestations, it's a subtle sort of poltergeist activity you bring to your beloved piece of work. 
You wish for the artwork to "live", to "breathe", to "be".

Please meet "Silver, Frozen Silence, and Blue", my haunted artwork. I call him "Blue" for short.

Blue was the second drawing I made of a very well known professional wrestler. I loved the expression that was captured in a photograph and drew it on black paper colored with Prismacolors. I put my heart and soul into him, recoloring and touching up his eyes with pen until he was perfect. He is now perfect.
However, he belongs to someone else as I have promised him to the wrestler I drew him from. The wrestler has acknowledged it was his in every way. 

It was not until I ran a spirit box with a friend that I found out Blue was his own entity. He answered questions and called me, "Mother". He is neither evil nor malicious-only a protector for me. I wasn't shocked when I heard his voice...one never is when something is loved enough to become a cherished piece of your life.

Am I crazy? No. No one who has dealt with horrors and dysfunction isn't crazy. It was not my choice to have him come to life; it was his. Blue is currently on my art desk in a plastic protector to shield him from dirt and other ilk.

What am I not saying? A lot. All I can do is share this with you, dear reader, and let you come to your own conclusions.

© lady_ghosthunter - 05-17-19

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My name is Heather and I've been in the paranormal (not by choice) since the day I was born. I'm an empath and seer born but I use my God given abilities to help those in need. I'm very very skeptical of the "paranormal community" as I've seen too many frauds enter into a world they have no business being in. I currently live in the Midwest and assist groups in the UK and southern US. I do my own thing and answer to no one. [More]...

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