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Shadow Being

Shadow Being

It's also very difficult for me to share my story, but I'm going to.
This tale is going to sound bizarre, but it's true.  It's also very difficult for me to share my story, but I'm going to.   I've been able to sense spirits since I was young but was never frightened by any of them until I was an adult.  

One day while minding my own business, just doing some housework,  I was stopped in my tracks by a tall dark shadow man.  And when I say dark,  I mean black.  The kind of black where light is nonexistent.  Immediately my heart started racing and a feeling of dread just overcame me.  As I stared at this thing I knew it was not meant to be seen but I could.   I also noticed that he had on a hat,  of all things.  I had never heard stories about the hat man before my experience so I was really scared. A moment later,  he was gone.

After I got my breath back,  I just chalked my sighting up to another weird unexplained phenomenon. I forgot all about it because about three days later my grandma passed away.  

A few years later,  I saw him again.  And again, someone passed away.  Then I realized that every time I see him,  someone dies.  What I also noticed was that he never pays any attention to me.  Until a few sightings later.  

I was washing my front windows and happened to look across the street and I see the hatman again.  He was going into my elderly neighbors home and my heart just sank because I knew what was to come.  This time though,  he also noticed that I could see him.  He stopped,  turned, and looked directly at me.  We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity but was probably just moments.  Then he touched his hat and dipped his head to acknowledge me and continued on his way.  

At that time I realized that I was going to see him every time someone is going to pass away.  What's strange is that it doesn't matter if I know them or not.  It just means that it's people that are in close proximity to me.  

Oh, he wasn't coming for my friend across the street that day,  he came for another lady down the road.

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Wow, the Hatman is something that I have read about before, and your experiences describe the Hatman perfectly. So creepy.

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ahh creepyy

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