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the stupidest disishen iv ever made part 1

the stupidest disishen iv ever made part 1

i messed with another Ouija bored being funny and i paid the price
so after my experience with my dead mother I wanted to talk to her because it had been about a year since she visited me last so I bought an ouija board to see if I could talk to her. it was around 4 weeks after I had bought the board and at around 2 ish and my dad had been asleep for about an hour so i had gotten out of bed and pulled the ouija board out from underneath my bed because I had to hide it from my dad he doesn't like ouija boards he said to me that they're no good and have bad intechens. so I did the stupidest thing possible I had my little sister play with me and at the time she was around 7 years old and didn't fully understand the rules but I really wanted to talk to mom so I had her be my partner. Worst decision ever. so we started around 2:15 and yes if you were wandering I and her were very tired. so we started and I went first to give her a clue on what to do so I had asked the board "is there a spirit in here with us". and the amulet took a minute to move but when it did it went straight to (yes). so I asked it  "are we talking to ruby harp(my mother's name)"  and when it moved it speeled out (N O). so my dumb ass did the other worst decision I asked (are you harmful) and it spelled out. (yes)  so after that, I got scared and so did my sister and she was about to take her hand off the bored when I said to her Lil sis don't worry there's nothing to be afraid of and she seemed to calm down so the next question I asked was (can u mack something move in my room)  and about 2 minutes later my lamp that was on my burial suddenly fell but like it was thrown kind of fell. that's what did it for my Lil sis as soon as it hit the table and made the loud sound she had already let go of the amulet and when I saw she had let go I felt the overwhelming pain in my head.  and so I had taken my hand off the board as well and about 5 minutes later we were looking at the bored in horror when it began to move and it spelled out (Y O U  W I L L  R E G R E T  T H A T  N A L L A) and I looked at my little sister and said Nalla I have a question and she looked at me with scared eyes as I said have you been snooping in my room and found this ouija board and played with it alone? and she nodded sadly and as I saw her nod out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure looking at Nalla. I then said Nalla did you say goodbye to the spirit and she said *I forgot to read the instructions I didn't know u had to say goodbye* I then realized that the spirit was mad at Nalla for not saying goodbye and playing alone. after a few minutes, I didn't see the shadow so I sent Nalla to bed at around 2:59 so when I had gotten into bed it was about 3:05 and all I could think about was pls don't hurt Nalla and I repeated that same thing over and over and over in my head and when I hured a loud crashing coming from Nalla's room I got scared and rushed to her room at the time I had gotten to her room it was too late she was gone like *poof* just gone and since that happened I haven't talked about it for 3 years until now.  I'm 14 now and Nalla would have been 10 years old I miss her laugh I wish I could turn back time to make sure she didn't mess with that bored EVER!  hehe, I guess it was my fault in the first place I hate myself because of this after she went missing my dad started to hurt me because Nalla reminded him of my mother, and now that one piece of her was gone because of me.    and if you wondering this is a true story about my life I lost everything just because I wanted to talk to my mother and so i fell into depression, oh and if u see a dark shadow with black long hair and red eyes with a evil looking smile and is wearing brown dirty ripped clothes pls pls tell me I will do anything to get her back please please please tell me if you have seen this shadow I will be so grateful because I miss Nalla and yes you can comment how much I shouldn't have had her play or even bought the bored in the first place i just need her back and I will say it again this is my true story about how I lost my baby sister BECAUSE I WAS SO FULISH. please give me a clue on where she could be I remember I asked the spirit its name and it said (Amanda  w.)  thx for reading

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Amanda Louise Wyss (born November 24, 1960) is an American actress. She began her career in ... and Beth in the black comedy film Better Off Dead (1985).
look ath the film also what is your sisters last name my dad is a detective unless this has been brought to the police if so what is the case file name.

Its not your fault and thanks for your story

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