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Rumors: the delusion of a disordered mind. a phantom. a spirit. a ghost.
On October 31, 1980 I had my first encounter with God in a disco club called the Inferno in NYC. One month later, on December 4, 1980 it was almost midnight and none of my siblings haven't returned home yet. Then that night I saw a beautiful star through my kitchen window it looked like the star of Polaris and I told my mother about the star in the nights sky. I remember very clearly, that night I was watching A Star is Born with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson on television.

Then I turned off the Television almost close to midnight and stood by the window where the mysterious star had disappeared. It was a scary and creepy silent moment that night. That's when all of a sudden as I was sitting at the side of the window near the kitchen door in the living room, the whole kitchen room lit up in flames, or a red light appear for about 1 to 2 seconds then it disappeared quickly. Whoever was inside of the flaming Portal came out in an invisible form and dragged one of my living room chairs five feet across the room!

My whole face and body turned pale that's when my parents came running out of there rooms and found me shaken up that was the very first time in my whole life that I was committed into a psychiatric hospital on December 4, 1980. By the end of 1985 God spread a rumor about me with the rappers Run DMC from Hollis, Queens, N.Y. because in the early 1970's and in 1980, I saw a vision about Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father Yahweh that they were married to there spouses.

That's when God started a rumor about me on January 1, 1986 with the rappers Run DMC, and the name of the song was called Raising Hell, Kings from Queens.
The producers who started the rumor with God were Jam Master Jay (of Run D.M.C.); Rick Rubin; Run (of Run D.M.C.); Russell Simmons, and don't forget Darryl McDaniel DMC. I was under the suspicion and confident that it was God himself who started that rumor. Since October 31, 1980 he was tormenting me until January 1, 1986 six years of spiritual abuse. The abuse kept going on, until this very present day.

I didn't know where to go for help or who to talk to, so on May 11, 1986 I decided to end my life by overdosing on my very own medications that God labeled me with since December 4, 1980. It was God himself who started that rumor with Rappers Run DMC, separated them, then instigated the murder On October 30, 2002 the night when Jason Mizell, Jam Master Jay of Run DMC was murdered!

Below are the hospital records and the True Story of my Book Rumors on my website that you need to investigate.

The Methodist Hospital Department of Radiology Report of Roentgen Examination.
MRN: 4292215
Patient ID: 285351
Billing#: 35904150
Birth or Age: 5/3/63
Doctor: Bavetta, Ludwig MD
Reyes, Reynaldo
Location: er
Case#: 114820
Arrival time & date: 3:09pm May 11, 1986
Date Report Printed: 2:44pm Monday, May 12th, 1986
Date Initially Printed: 2:44pm May 12, 1986
Chest, AP portable, eract
A nasogastric tube and EKG pads are noted.
The thorax is symmetrical; the trachea is in the midline.The hilar shadows and bronchovascular markings are normal in extent. Both lungs are clear. The diaphragm shadows and costophrenic angles are normal. The heart and aorta show no abnormality in size, configuration in size configuration and position.
IMPRESSION: Study of the chest within normal limits.

AMO Samuel R. Ramoutar, M.D.
Upon request I will take a lie detector test and email you all of my medical records for solid evidence.

Name: Reynaldo Reyes

Website: http://www.JamMasterJaysUnsolvedDeath.com

RUMORS is Based On True Events...

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