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Possession, Dark vs light, Mystical vs God

Possession, Dark vs light, Mystical vs God

My story will be reposted again with more to it and if the problem becomes resolved.
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The paralysis
I was paralyzed on the bed as my eyes were open, I said “is there any spirits in the room”, I heard a “YES”, then I was somehow like “fuck you” unintentionally and got out of my body and ran after it. Hearing the footsteps my spirit ran after it?

Portal to hell
My soul body was ripped from my physical body as I was laying on my back on the bed. The room was black and the fan on the ceiling was spinning faster than usual. My feet felt like something was pulling me that I couldn’t see in the plane I was in. Then I saw the portal to another reality(hell?), all four sides were blazing with red and fire endlessly into the sky. Then somehow I grabbed onto the edge of the portal wall as I was getting sucked into it. when I held onto the wall it felt like something unseen was holding my hand, I then looked to the right and see three demons, they had claws, red dragon skin, and two horns. Then the portal closed and I hit the floor and stalled until I went back into my body, my spirit was light blue. As my heart raced in fear, Ever since that I never slept in that room.

Trance suicide
I was about to throw myself down a 3 story building as I was about to jump, a being I could not see intervened, and stopped me from coming seconds from jumping over the railing. After I cried in the shower because I didn’t know who I was anymore, but it never came into my mind that I was gonna kill myself. The feeling I got in the moment was that jumping is a good thing and it was as painless as walking down the stairs.

Physical growling by me
(Story will not be shown because problems still exist by it)
Long story short the spirit that stopped tranced intervened as I lost all recent events including my childhood memories.
(Being went to someone I was in contact with, took them out of their body and gave them the wisdom of the whole planet and universe beyond this one. After this happened and he started to speak with this wisdom and enlightenment, I started physically growling.

(Part of the story has been completely cut for my own protection)

Physical apparition
What looked like a reaper appeared to me. He had white skin, Long claws on his fingers, a black cloak over him and red or black eyes. He smiled at me with his fingers folded, as he said: “Are you ready to die?” Then disappeared.

(Part of the story has been completely cut for my own protection)

Physical projection
I was taken out of my body when I slept on the floor of the room I once feared. It was the first time ever that a spirit that looked black held me in their hands as it brought me through a portal. I said a beings name  A...... (name has been blocked because it pisses me off now) and reached my hands and went back into my body.

Extreme possession
Started the gas attacks on April 7 I think when it happened.
The being intentions was happy and smiling at everything that it was killing, psychologically was attacking others, making them unstable in killing more people. A lot of events happened that can’t be undone as a lot of people died.

A being intervened again
Being jumped into my stomach and burned the hell out of it as it felt like I was gonna die at the moment it was happening as I was ready to die and endured it.

Heard voices
Heard voices to kill myself, after this intervention I heard voices to end my life now, as they were hard to avoid the temptation.

*This story is still active and activity is still going*

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