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289 Views   1 Comment   4 Likes   Added 01-30-20

I get comfortable in my bed
Snug as a bug
With thoughts of sleep in my head
But one does not know of the horrors at night
As I lay here
I can hear all the little things go bump in the night
My knuckles whiten
And grip the sheets tight
I say to myself
It's just the house settling
I should be all right
As I lay myself down to sleep
My heart beats faster with every
Little creak
My breath quickened
As I can see my breath
I shut my eyes tighter
Oh god how I am fearing death
Please I just want sleep
And rest get out of my head
It gets colder
The sounds stop
Even the ticking of that damn annoying clock
I can't feel a thing not even my sheet
My mind is racing
Beyond belief
See that's me in the picture right there in the red
My weary bones are tired
I also know that I am dead
But do you fear the things that go bump in the night
I know I do...
I can show you why....
So now I lay me down to sleep an eternal slumber
From here on through
Fear the unknown the unexplained
You shall see fear will consume you through and through

© Creepy megan - 01-30-20

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