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the clown

the clown

true story
i was walking down the street going home from my friends you know just walking and i see somethig in the shadows i shine a flash light on it and it was a tall figure in a clown suit i ran i dont like clowns and i ran and i saw it behind me it chased me and i fell and it got to me i stabbed it in the leg and ran home it followed me i ran inside and my dad came out and said leave it charged him it had a bat my dad pulled his gun out and shot the ground and it ran my mom was on the phone with 911 and told them everything cops showed up 30 minutes later THE END. 

shout out to Raven Melling said i love deamons this is vary similer to me. check out there storys

about the deamon story i dont kow what happened to the body think someone took it we had to leave after fbi showed up idk if its on the news.

© john harden - 11-15-23

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john harden
hope you guys enjoy this

Raven Melling
thanks for the shout out !!
I aprecitate it

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hello im john and im 13 [More]...

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