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A friendly spirit named Luv in a Ouija Board.
One day I was at my Cousins graduation party. Me and my sister and cousin decided to play with the Ouija Board.  We took it out and placed the planachette on the board. We focused and I asked, "Is anybody there?".
It answered slowly. YES.  We sighed. We asked," What is your name?". It answered, LUV. "LOVE?" said my sister. NO, it answered. "LOOVE?" said my cousin. YES. So it was Luv, or Loove. We asked when it died, and it said 34. It died at 59. It was a seamstress. Its wife was PoPo, and its favorite animal and food was both poop. My sister laughed so loud at these answers. It said it was a good spirit. Then we asked the past lives. I was Rebecca Weff who died at 16.I was famous for the age I died at and was an assassin. I was a nurse and took sword fighting. It was a random mix of things, but it was funny and cool. My sister was Edgar Allen Poe and my cousin was Margaret Stdf. She was killed by Edgar Allen Poe. I laughed. It was so cool. Another story will say my ZOZO encounter. Look for it soon!

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I love horses and have had many experiences with ghosts and other paranormal beings. I enjoy the Ouija Board and believe in it. [More]...

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