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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

" Angel Saved Me "
Just for starters my wife and I believe that I am sensitive to both friendly and malicious spirits. The stories of my guardian are over a 19 year span but these are just the small snips from a much larger story.

When I was only 5 or 6 years old, I lived with my father in an apartment complex on old Spanish trail in a not so nice area of Houston, Texas. I always wanted to go swimming but my father was a police officer during the day and a security at night on his off days to raise me. so I never had the opportunity to be taught how to swim. One day while he was napping I thought it would be a good idea to go swim on my own. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and headed to the pool. When I arrived the pull was full of people, moms, dads, boys and girls. I saw a ton of kids swimming and had no idea there was a deep and shallow end of a pool and I just jumped in. I sank to the bottom and could not get back above the surface. When I finally hit the bottom of the pool I push off the bottom and headed back up when I reached to surface, I was gasping for air water was making my eye sight blurry and even though I was surrounded by tons of people no one was helping me. I was drowning, and I was alone. When at once I saw a woman with pale skin long black hair and a long white robe approach me almost as if she had been watching me. I couldn't see any facial features but I could feel that she was smiling at me. This calmed me. she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the edge of the pool. After I finished coughing all the water that I had sucked into my lungs and wiped the tears and water from my eyes I looked for her but she was gone. Who was she?

Fast forward about ten to eleven years I'm now 17 years old in high school and I had to get up early for a wrestling match weigh in. I'm driving down a old county road at about 4 am. I'm tired and the road is long and I'm pretty much the only person on the road. As I approach an intersection that had yellow blinking light on my way and red blinking stop lights on the cross road my radio starts to go static, so I look down to change the dial on the radio and out of the corner of my eye I see her again the woman in white so I slam on my brakes. when the car comes to a complete stop a 18 wheeler runs the intersection without stopping only about 5 feet in front of my car. I looked up and down the road and she was no where to be found. 

A couple of years later while I was attending Blinn Jr College in Brenham, Texas, I was running back to the dorms after a class and I had head phones in my ears. The road that is in front of the dorm I often used for large trucks has a speed limit of 15 MPH but they never go slow they tend to speed. As I approached the road I failed to look both ways as I stepped into the road, as soon as I did someone grabbed me by both shoulder and threw me backwards to the ground, and a truck speed by which would have killed me. I wasn't a small guy I was a Football line backer about 5'11 and 280 LBS so whom ever saved me had to be strong or not human. When I landed I looked for my hero but no one was around. Was it her again?

© Michael P. - 02-28-19


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Just for starters my wife and I believe that I am sensitive to both friendly and malicious spirits [More]...

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