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I was always obsessed with these little creatures...
So blue and so small,
Always singing their fa-la-la song.
How Azriel and I used to torment and attack.
Now I never tasted them they always foiled my plans.
But one day the forest grew dark and so cold
They went away.
As my story grows you should hide you know
So I was cleaning my castle
Singing an odd little tune
And heard fa- gurgle- la in the distance
My mind is playing games with me
So I keep doing my routine as I hear it once again
But closer and louder than before
and from the corner of my eye
I seen a sudden movement
So I stopped what I was doing and grabbed my axe
The sound grew louder
Either that or I am having a heart attack
My little blue creatures are back but after so long
Ouch something bit me
Something blue and small
Oh lord have mercy
It looks like death
They came out of no where swarming me
They are all dead
One jumped on me clawing my skin
Another climbing my robe
Disgusting lil beast
I begin to swing
In each and every direction I knew this would be my doom
I am Gargamel
And the the Smurfs became my impending doom
So if you hear
Runaway may be just maybe you will live to see another day
© A.R.D {2019}♡

© Creepy megan - 12-05-19

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