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Daytime activity

Daytime activity

My tale is set in Manchester, in an ordinary council house built in the 1960's, which I was sharing with two friends. It takes place on new year's day 1998.
At the time one of my housemates was away for the holidays, the other (a barman) had worked the night before and then gone on to a party at a friends house and stayed the night. I had been out to a different party and got home around 1.30am.

So the next morning I am alone in the house and taking advantage by playing on the Sega Saturn, but I had the sound volume low as the music wasn't that good. About 10.30am I heard a noise and paused my game, it sounded like someone coming into the house and going upstairs, but doing so more quietly than usual, the footsteps went down the landing and into the bedroom above where I was sitting, and I heard the bed springs as though someone had just laid down on the bed. Naturally I assumed it was my housemate coming home and creeping around so he didn't wake me up. I was so convinced that I filled the kettle and got our mugs ready so I could make us some coffee when he came back downstairs.

As there was no more sounds of movement, I just assumed he'd had a very late night and wanted to catch up on his sleep. I went back to quietly playing my game and thought no more about it until mid afternoon, when I heard the front door open and my housemate really came home. He went straight to the kitchen to make a coffee and was confused to find everything ready to make it, I then told him about what had happened earlier. He then reminded me that when I moved in I was told about the ghost of an old lady that haunted his room, but I just thought they were pulling my leg and forgot all about it.

In the year I lived there that was the only experience I had and there was never anything creepy or strange about the place.

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Dam, that is spooky! It is like, who knows what kind of paranormal activity goes on when our backs are turned. The interesting thing about this story is the fact that there is a backstory to the haunting. I have no doubt that you experienced something otherworldly that day! An awesome ghost story, thanks for sharing your experience!

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback.

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