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the guest bedroom ghost..

the guest bedroom ghost..

This is a different story. you have to bear with me on this one cause it's gonna be confusing... so the very first time i thought i was possessed was when i was staying the summer in Organ. i was with my grandmother and her husband, Tom. well, this house was very old. possibly built in the early 1950's. my grandmother had let me use the guest bedroom because I was staying for 3 months. my first night sleeping in that room was freaky. there was a rocking chair in the corner of the bedroom and it kept on creaking randomly. and when i looked over in its direction, it immediately stopped. the second night, i had a nightmare or some type of vision of an old woman sitting in the rocking chair and humming a song. i named her Elle. She had gray hair tied up in a smooth bun and she had a blouse with a floral patterned skirt that went all the way down to her feet. she had black high heels on and legging underneath the skirt. as i was saying, she was rocking in the chair while humming a very familiar song but i couldn't quite grasp the tune.. when i woke up, it was still nighttime and i was still in bed.. the third night, i had sleep paralysis for the second time in my whole life. i saw like these electric waved on the ceiling and then my bedroom door opend and Elle walked in with another dark figure. Elle sat down in the chair, while the figure stroked my hair. i then watched him evaporate into my chest. i sat their for a second while Elle was just watching me... when i was able to talk, i yelled for my grandmother and she came running in and told me to come sleep in her room. i made a bed on her floor and drifted off. the next morning, me, my grandmother, and Tom were all eating breakfast and then my grandmother jumped. i asked her what was wrong, but she went pale. like she saw a ghost.. she then whispered to me "don't. turn. around." i went pale as well while Tom was confused and asking what the hell was going on. I slowly turned around to see a dark figure standing in the living room watching us.. my grandmother asked me what i brought into her house and i whispered "that's the same figure i saw last night" and i told my grandmother everything and she said that it may have possessed me but still able to come out of my body and show itself.... i was 11 when that happend. im now 13 and this thing is still with me. sometimes im in class and all the sudden the whole class her growling or when im talking to my mom theirs another darker voice following mine. she just thinks "normal" like wtf?? but heres it looks like. this is the closest picture i could find...[Image: 6272eb8843f4e_images%20(94).jpeg]

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is that a real pic of one of that incidents?

oh my god

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