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my protector

my protector

hello everybody who reads this and also thak you as well. this happened when i was around 4- 5 years old this may sound unbelivable  but my parents at the time had a tv in my room and a big dresser well i already had exprence with the tv it would always turn on or turn off on its own and sometimes the vcr player would eject my lady and the tramp movie  on its own(I would watch it on repeat all the time) so one time the tv turned off on its own and of course i was confused and i went over to it i tried to reach the on button but i could not reach but thats when i heard a crack then next i know is that a dresser and a tv is on top of me and my mother is screaming at my dad to lift the dresser up but he couldnt it was to heavy for him it took three people to pick the dresser up i was awake and i was happy with no buruise no blood no scratches no nothing my mom tells me this tor all the time say how lucky i was that i did not die my mother says its a ghost protecting me from death

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good story, but was there like a inside of the closet that opened up so you did not get hurt?

i live with a gost

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