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my doppelganger

my doppelganger

this is something that has been happening for 5 years now ad i dont know how to get it to go away i have tried everything its still not going away if you could give me some advice thank you. my doppelganger i cant belive i telling this but a few days ago i was sleeping and my parents come into my room very confused and they start asking me wait you just left for your grandparents home i was confused becuase i was sleeping all day and they told me that i went to go walk to my grandparents home and they saw me on the camera walking there i was confused so i looked at the camera and sure enough it me walking. this is all i will say about my doppelganger its brings to much bad energy into my life even writing this i feel darkness and evil around me

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WOW ...creepy and scary.

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