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My Sleep Paralyze Demons

My Sleep Paralyze Demons

I was a Teenager in Oregon
I used to have Sleep Paralyze problems/I would Feel Something Heavy on top of me in my High School Days but I'am in my Early Thirtys now/I used to see The White Glowing Outline of Shadows like Shadow People.                   And it was so Cold in my room even in The Summer Time and I would wake up at Three Thirty Three in The Morning cause I would feel like somebody was watching Me.            In my not so Peaceful Sleep but the real terror happened when I saw what looked like a skeleton of The Grim Reaper standing over me and The Alarm on my Bedroom Window was triggered.

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Hi there because I'am an 30 Year Old Bisexual Satanic Black Female Goth Vampire Female Witch from Oregon and Texas. [More]...

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