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Black Eyed Kid

Black Eyed Kid

Approached by Teen with Black Eyes
When I was in the Marine Corps, I had a week off so a friend of mine (David) and I decided to take a Motorcycle road trip on Route 66. We met up with David's fathers motorcycle club, San Jacinto High Rollers, in Chicago, and we rode for the few days as a group all the way to California. When we reached California we decided to rent a truck and trailer and load the bikes up and head back all the way to Camp Lejeune, NC where we were stationed at the time. One night as we were driving through north Texas still on Route 66, we needed to make a pit stop for gas, smokes, and snacks.

We spotted a gas station in what seemed the middle of nowhere, so we stopped. There was only one car in the parking lot which I assumed was the shop worker. I went inside to get the groceries and David decided to pump the gas.I approached the doors I noticed two figures standing just outside the edge of where the light met the darkness. At the time I didn't think much of it, I thought maybe they were workers or friends of the workers. I went in bought everything that we needed and headed back to the truck. David told me that he was having weird feelings about the kids that were hanging out around the store. David had to go to the restroom, so he left and I pulled the truck around to the side of the building still in the light but at the edge. The passenger side of the truck was only about a foot or two from the darkness. As I sat there and waited I felt like someone was watching me and as I looked to my right I saw one of the kids standing a few feet away from the truck.

This person was wearing black jeans and a gray hoodie and I could not make out any facial features other than dark eyes. I was anxious but I rolled the window down enough to ask what he wanted. He stated in a low monotone voice "I'm lost. Can you let me in?". "No" I responded. He repeated the same phrase "I'm lost. Can you let me in?", "NO" I stated again, He then stated "I am lost. Let Me In" I could hear the anger in his voice. He said the same thing about three more time until it just changed to "Let us in, Let us in". I turned the truck on and pulled in front of the store and ran to the clerk asking him to call the cops because I was thinking that this was some type of Mental Health Patient. He asked me to describe the individual and once I described him, he asked me if I had said yes to the request. I stated no, he told me to leave and not stop again until morning. David and I got into the truck and never looked back. We only spoke about this in the truck and never again since. I still don't know what that was but I still see it when I close my eyes.

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Mack's Paranormal
I loved this story! Did you ever see the kid again? Do you think it was a kid messing around or something else?

Wow, I love this!

the clerk knew about the kid

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