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Am I possessed!?

Am I possessed!?

Am I possessed or is something following me?
I'm Arianna I am 13 years old and this is my story.  Ever since I was a child I have seen and heard strange things. My first encounter with a “ghost” was when I was around 5, I would sleep in my moms room every day because I was scared of the dark. When I was starting to fall asleep I saw something poking its head from the end of my parents bed, I was so scared I just froze, I could see her hair (I assumed it was a girl/woman because it had long hair) she kept coming closer to my feet and I let out a squeal, my parents woke up and turned on the lights as quick as possible but there was nothing. Now I'm 13, When I woke up, around 2.18 pm, I notice that my door was half open, I peeked outside and from the edge of the door I see that same girl/woman poke her head out and look at me, I could see her long black hair dangling, I was frightened, then I heard something scratching at the wood at the end of my bed, I thought it was all just my imagination when I felt a hand over my hip slightly “petting” me, I let out a scream and all the noises went away. Ever since whenever I walk into the bathroom I can see the lights flickering, I don't know if I'm possessed or if someone or something watching me.

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I would be careful because I saw some kind of small dark long haired girl in my vivid dreams recently as it could be the same one but with full demonic and poltergeist activity as it was physically able to move the doors with strong force in its realm. If it was that bad, you would of been helped by a unseen force and physically burned on your feet which will physically irritate you with aggression and fear. As for me, everywhere I go the lights flicker a lot so you aren’t the only person going through this trouble.

I think this stuff is awesome but I was hoping sum one wud help me try to. Experience sumthing

i've seen this girl before. as long as you don't do anything irrational, you'll be fine. she can be dangerous. please be careful

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