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A Little Girl Who Is Sad

A Little Girl Who Is Sad

I went home and I just started crying for her.
So this happened to me yesterday when I went into the bathroom in the store, right when I entered I heard crying, then the crying got a little bit louder. I said, are you ok? Then I looked in the stalls but there was nobody there. Right away I thought about ghosts then I tweet about it on Twitter. I went to the man in front of the store and I told him about the crying. He said, oh really I heard stories about that. Then I said, what happened? He said, well a little girl died in there. I asked him how. Then the man said she killed herself. I asked, why? The man said I don't know. I went back to the bathroom and I asked out loud, are you ok? Then I said I know how you feel, you feel depressed then right there I felt sad. I went home and I just started crying for her.
Here is a picture of the bathroom on twitter.

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