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Mr. Ghost Stories
Caretaker and Handyman
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Howdy there folks, My name is Mr. Ghost Stories, and I'm the caretaker for this ole' website, here. I make sure these hollow grounds are kept up clean,
and I make sure that the ghost stories are where they need to be. I also fix fallen tombstones, and keep them spammers out the gates.
You will often find me workin' hard, so visitors like you feel warm and welcomed, and have the best experience possible round here.
Well, I'll be walkin' round with my shovel over my shoulder, tendin' to these here gravestones, so if you need anything, you just let Mr. Ghost Stories know
and I will be sure to help you with anything you need. Just ring me up on the twitter-phone @MrGhostStories, and I will come right on over.

Yours Truly, Mr. Ghost Stories
On Twitter: @MrGhostStories

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