People around the world have reported seeing or feeling a dead relative or close friend that is no longer living. These ghostly occurrences are friendly in nature and often regard a personal message, one that often helps with the grieving process. In this instance, a ghost may have a need to tell a loved one something important, for reasons between the ghost and the receiver of the message.
Loved Ones / Friendly Visits
A Boy Who Loves Her by Ashley99738899268 reads
So this happened to my other friend Jessica, she said when she was little she was best friends with this boy that had no friends until middle school. He told her he was going through depression, she started bringing him food from home and hung out with him in town. Then one night she started getting love messages and calls from him, he kept on saying I love you, I want to be with you.

She told him I just want to be friends. He didn't message her back or call her or go to school until she hea... Keep Reading
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