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It said "Travis" Rated Mature
"Something weird here going on."
posted in EVP Recordings by Peanut_Boy 03-25-17
"As I was walking next to the cemetery, the wind was pushing against my face and ears and I began to hear a child's laughing."
posted in Cemetery Ghosts by RavenSnow87 09-04-17
"The first two photos showed nothing out of the ordinary, but the 3rd pictured showed a massive amount of spirit vapor."
posted in Unexplained by sav8604 10-06-17
"We know it was not a reflection of anyone in the apartment, because the face is that of a male,"
posted in Haunted Objects by sav8604 10-07-17
"close up of the face that showed up in our haunted Kramer Print"
posted in Haunted Objects by sav8604 10-07-17
"My mom and I lived in a haunted apartment for 19 years, this is one of our strange and scary stories."
posted in Demons and Possessions by sav8604 10-07-17
" in my culture if a cricket goes in your house at night that means a ghost wants to talk to you"
posted in Ghost Dreams by Ashley99738899 10-30-17
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