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Sorry, there are no ghost stories that start with the letter Y. Share your real ghost stories with us.
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1 hour agoJadeMarieCursedWoman Wrote:
YesterdayMike Wrote:
07-30-21JadeMarieCursedWoman Wrote: If I had to pick one I'd say my most scariest paranormal event was a few nights ago. My kitchen, bathroom, loungeroom and my bedroom are all closed together. It was around 3:45 am in the morning and I needed to first go to the toilet and then I was going to get a drink of water. I was standing in front of the bathroom and I was waiting for the light to turn on but as soon as it turned on I got this sudden feeling that I was being watched and I don't know why I turned towards to look into the kitchen where I suddenly noticed the figure of a person standing right in the doorway to the kitchen it was around 4 steps close. Now usually they keep their distance or a reasonable distance to not make me feel uncomfortable but this particular entity likes to get close and personal which I don't mind because I always set boundaries, yeah they can come close but not too close. This is the second time I've seen this entity and I will admit it's not human. Without thinking I immediately ran into the bathroom thinking, "Okay, yeah you've had your fun, you've given me a fright. Move on." Well they had other ideas now my bathroom door doesn't lock so I'm going about my nightly business with the toilet and I'm so spooked that I'm watching the door praying it won't open the door didn't open but the entity stood in front of the bathroom door for almost 45 minutes then turns and goes into the kitchen I'm literally freaked out and I didn't know what to do so I thought that I'll just wait 20 to 30 minutes before I leave the bathroom and go back to bed. So I did exactly that. As soon as I got into my bedroom I didn't sleep I waited until it was daylight to even leave my bedroom and I was also waiting for my grandmother to be up. Now I was doing my usual chores and talking to my partner and I told him what happened and I thought that he'd be concerned, worried, would ask if I'm okay. WRONG! He said during our afternoon Facebook messenger video chat that I was and I quote what he said "You are crazy and should be looked at and if you need to be strapped and but in a jacket then I will do it. And I would throw away the key. Nothing paranormal exists and you're just a liar. So STOP making up stories for attention! Or I'll find someone better and normal!" . Any other questions you want to ask let me know :)

This is mind-blowing, do you think this is the same entity from your childhood, and it is following you around? Maybe some type of entity latched onto you.
This entity is completely new and for some reason has taken a liking to me and it's not human. The energy I always seem to feel around it, is demonic. The first time I ever saw it was when I was in year 9.  It was the early Thursday night around 1:00 at the time my mum lived with me and my nan and pop (my pop passed away in 2018) I had to get myself a drink of water cause at the time I was sick due to stress and exhaustion as soon as I turned on the kitchen light I saw a crouched figure near the oven facing the sink and outside widow. It stopped what it was doing slowly turned it's head and started to stand I saw every feature it had it was as clear as day. It's not very tall I'm about a foot taller than it, it's fingernails were long and I mean LONG, the horns on it's head were medium sized and it's tail had a spike at the end and you know when a cat moves it's tail from side to side that's exactly what the entity was doing when I realized it was walking towards me I immediately ran to my room. Now at the time I had to share a room with my mum and she said in a worried tone "What's wrong, baby? You look like you've seen a ghost". And I said "I wouldn't exactly say that I've seen a ghost, ma. I think I've just met a demon ". But for some reason I can sense evil but I also feel like it's protective of me and sometimes even though I don't always see it I hear it and it always seems to talk when I'm in danger or when I'm upset. And a couple of days ago I accidently cut myself undoing barbed wire for my nan and ended hurting myself and one cut was refusing to heal cause it got infected but today it's completely healed and yeah it's scared but I don't mind.

Oh woh, so it appeared to you? Sounds like a goblin of some kind, maybe a spirit of a dead person, or some lower plane being. it is evil, and it also wants to protect you, so the demon healed your cut?

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