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Sorry, there are no ghost stories that start with the letter T. Share your real ghost stories with us.
This is from the first chapter of my book, my story started out when I was very young in Michigan; and continues today in Arizona. All of the stories that I post are true.
posted by My Proof of The Paranormal 02-13-19
A very large orb and the sense of hate
posted by SpectralHaunts 03-30-19
A girl bought a new cell phone...(see what happens)
posted by they.ad0re_ari 08-25-20
Several months before the book's publication, I was contacted by a woman who had abandoned her home after her husband committed suicide.
posted by Sydney 11-14-18
Those two figurines simply could not be explained....
posted by Sheila Renee Parker 12-18-17
This is an extremely long story as I've had to cram 2 and a half years of hauntings into this, but believe me, it's well worth the read...
posted by RJCoxParanormal 01-25-19
This Took Place At Medfield State Hospital
posted by DrMarkBLinn 09-16-19
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36 Story36 Stories

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