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"Back in the1980’s, when I was a carefree young girl."
posted in Haunted Houses by ghostgirl 10-07-18
"A place where we had all shared some fabulous times and made some very wonderful memories."
posted in General Ghost Stories by Countess 08-06-18
"I used to make Lyle jugs of herbal tea, and for Christmas I bought him a flannel shirt."
posted in Apparitions by @MerlinsKnightofHellOwl 01-10-19
posted in Unexplained by Guest 12-09-18
"My cat Evie, was an wonderful cat, who I considered a kind of familiar. "
posted in Ghost Animals by Guest 01-08-19
"Okay, where to begin & with which story. "
posted in Ghost Children by Jmdmom23 02-12-18
"A voice in the night sends me to sleep"
posted in Friendly Visits by slenderghoul 04-01-19
"A friendly spirit named Luv in a Ouija Board."
posted in Friendly Visits by UniKayla14 06-12-19
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