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"I was once the GM of a cafe in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. One evening..."
posted in Hospital Ghost Stories by LeoRizzuti 07-14-18
"I noticed something with red eyes low to the ground. It was weird, I'm not sure what it could have been. "
posted in Orbs and Lights by Regina M 02-16-19
"This is a ghost story about a ghost story."
posted in Cemetery Ghosts by Mr. Ghost Stories 04-13-20
"Recorded in an old German reform church built in the early 1800's"
"Hi, I'm Jillian and I'm 13 years old. and I also have a dog, he stayed at my grandma's house, but he finally came home!!! He is very sweet, he loves people."
posted in EVP Recordings by Chilly_Jilly 02-17-19
"The scary thing is, when I call out my grandma's name, the presence seems to disappear."
posted in Haunted People by COURTNEYPAYNE@1 01-26-19
"Angel Saved Me"
posted in Friendly Visits by Michael P. 02-28-19
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