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"My tale is set in Manchester, in an ordinary council house built in the 1960's, which I was sharing with two friends. It takes place on new year's day 1998."
posted in Haunted Houses by BeccaT13 04-08-18
"My mom and I lived in a haunted apartment for 19 years, this is one of our strange and scary stories."
posted in Demons and Possessions by sav8604 10-07-17
"A legend that if you get really dizzy, a demonic presence is trying to posses you."
posted in Demons and Possessions by PlzHelpMe 11-02-18
"Ouija boards are the subject of much controversy. "
posted in Spirit Board Stories by Guest 12-10-18
"I have often since contemplated on my nocturnal visitor and speculated as to why she chose to come by that night. Perhaps I'll never have an answer, maybe I'd rather not know!"
posted in Haunted People by Countess 01-19-19
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