Haunted people is a term used to describe a class of people who themselves experience unexplainable, otherworldly phenomenon that has no earthly explanation and can only be described as unnatural and paranormal. It is not completely explainable how a person may become haunted but theories range. Some experts claim that haunted people have opened 'gates' within their minds and have the ability to access supernatural realms through these supposed gates.
Haunted People
The Spirit In The Bath Tub by Courtney666229 reads
As long as I can remember spirits have been following me and affecting my life. It all started when I was five years old. I remember me and my mom sharing an old house together before she met my dad and my room was on the opposite side of the house and I had my own bathroom. From where my bed was I could see the open door to my bathroom where I could see my bathtub. As a child, I was pigeon-toed and had to wear these shoes at night that would straighten out my feet which made it pretty impossibl... Keep Reading
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