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Posted by Mike - 08-02-21
That is not good, hope this worked out for you. He wants to kill you? Maybe he just wants to be friends, well, if he is chasing you in your dreams with a knife, yea, then you never know,
Posted by - 01-29-21
Damn that scares me
Posted by - 10-21-20
Good grief, yes he does, be careful, please!
Posted by I'm scared of him - 08-19-19
I see him very much and I feel that he is watching me once I decided to play the game Ouija but did not work tried many times and every time I play it I hear anything fall I see in my dreams Every day I end slowly I close my mouth so that no one will hear me Then dragged me from my feet I am afraid that I will He comes back because I started to feel the dreams that I had in the past. He wants to kill me
I don't know the features of the face because it is completely black
Maybe he wants to kill me

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