Haunted houses are structures that are either currently or were once occupied by a human residence, such as a family unit. Many times, a house can be the permanent dwelling for many people over a span of many years and may incur many different emotional imprints such as tragedy, death, murder, and suicide. A house that is haunted may show evidence of paranormal activity including visual phenomena such the appearance of apparitions, orbs, shadows, and mysterious lights and sometimes even creatures or beings with otherworldly features. Paranormal activity can also include a wide range of peculiarities such as the moving of households objects by unseen forces, strange sounds caused by unknown sources, smells that are enigmatic in nature, or the feeling of being touched by invisible or mysterious force, without any explanation.
Haunted Houses
Child Apparition by Cryptid Hunter223 reads
This experience happened to me while I was traveling through the Mojave Desert back in 2001. I was getting ready to come back home to Las Vegas after visiting my then girlfriend who lived in Lancaster Ca. It was a Sunday night at 9 pm when I decided to make the long drive back home. It had just finished raining in Lancaster and there was a lot of overcast, so it was a pretty dark cold and creepy night. I decided to take a backroad instead of the freeway because I love finding abandoned buildings... Keep Reading
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