Paranormal Activity
Little Girl Ghost
© February 12th, 2018 Jmdmom23Ghost and Black-eyed Children
Okay, where to begin & with which story.

I suppose the 1 experience that saved my child's life is a good story. My oldest son was around 4 years old at the time. The place we lived in was rumored to be haunted & it most definitely was with many spirits.

So one night in the winter time my son had a cold. I had a built half door to his room because he tried getting out of the house a few times. So he was sleeping, his half door was shut and locked & all was fine, or so I thought.

I was in my bed watching tv. I decided to turn the tv off and had to look for the remote. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my son standing at my bedroom door, looking at me. I looked up and saw him walking towards the kitchen. I jumped out of bed, wondering how he got out of his room and what was he doing?

I looked everywhere downstairs and he was nowhere to be found. So I went up to his room to make sure I wasn't just seeing things. His half door was still shut and locked and he was in bed. He was also gasping for air and turning blue. I scooped him out of bed, he was burning up & I brought him to my room and called 911.

Needless to say, he was rushed by ambulance with a fever of 107. He was having seizures from the fever and wasn't breathing. He had a severe case of pneumonia and croup on top of it. We spent 2 days in the hospital. And I thought back to the events of that night.

Had I seen him? No, I saw the little girl ghost who lived in my apartment. Had she not gotten my attention that night, I fear to think of the outcome. She saved his life! I got a little background on my ghost, but never a name. So I named her Sarah, and spoke to her often and thanked her for saving my son. She loved us so much and we loved her too. So much so that she even moved to my next place with us.  

I  really miss her, but pray she's finally at peace and has crossed over. The story I got about her was that she lived in my apartment in the early 1900's. She passed away in the house from pneumonia at the age of 4 or 5. It was rumored she was buried in the corner of the backyard because it was allowed then. I never found any marker or grave. And I never researched it. But I'll always be grateful to my sweet little girl spirit.

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One Strange Night at The Cemetery
© January 6th, 2018 Mr Ghost StoriesCemetery Ghosts
It was about 12 years ago when we ran a paranormal investigation group. It was 3 of us guys, all family related. We would typically visit cemeteries at night, hoping to catch sight of a ghost or encounter anything paranormal. We were just a very curious group, doing a lot of EVP recordings.

One night, we went to Houston cemetery, a landmark in Houston, Texas with famous graves and sprawling fields of headstones, rolling hills, the place is just breathtaking. During this one particular night, we were doing EVPs near the canal side of the graveyard. These headstones around this area were literally being lost to nature, and some were barely seen at all because they were being overtaken by weeds and dirt.

At this location, I remember asking an EVP question out loud,  and I asked: "What is your Name?" And right then a person in the group collapsed and went limp, and fell to the ground. We had to pick him up and basically carry him out, as we decided to leave right at that moment. When we got out of that area of the cemetery where he collapsed, the person that had fallen to the ground began to feel better and was able to walk out of the cemetery by himself. Right before we were about to exit, we all stopped to ponder what had just happened. Everyone in the group was mystified by the event, and we were all wondering why he had fallen to the ground. As we all talked about it, I decided to replay the EVP, and listen to the question I asked right before he collapsed. When I replayed the recording, I heard my voice ask, "What is your name?" and we all heard this windy female voice that sounded like a really hard whisper, say out loud, say "Mary..."

It was shocking because nobody was expecting to hear anything, we all blown away by the voice that said, Mary. Who was this Mary? We must have replayed that EVP a thousand times because it was the first and only time we actually caught something weird.

Even though this happened over 12 years ago, I can still remember it like yesterday. It was one strange night at the cemetery.

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Grandma's basement
© December 25th, 2017 sav8604General Ghost Stories
When I was going to college, I worked part-time on campus. During winter break, I would do odd jobs for extra income, one of which was to babysit my aunt and uncle's dogs when they were out of town. They were staying in my great grandmother's house at the time and were out of town, and I was left in charge of two small dogs. The basement in this house always freaked me out a little because once when I was little, I saw a blue light hovering on one side of the basement. It was a small glowing blue light about the size of a baseball. So, I panicked and started to run upstairs, and up to the point where I reached the stairs, the ball of light appeared to be chasing me.

So, on this one occasion where I was dog sitting, I would keep the doors locked when I was inside because I was alone and did not want anybody breaking in or intruding in on the house while I was inside alone. A couple of hours after I arrived for the evening, I went to the back door to let the dogs out for one last time before bed, and when we got to the kitchen, I noticed that not only was the door unlocked, but it had been opened! I was the only one there and did not even hear it open. I got so scared, thinking there was an intruder in the house, that I grabbed the dogs and left to spend the night at my mom's house. We went back in the morning, to find nobody in the house, and absolutely nothing disturbed. Nothing had been stolen or disrupted in any way, which would indicate it was not likely a living person who intruded on the home. That was the last time I dog sat for them.

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"The Figurines"
© December 18th, 2017 Sheila Renee ParkerHaunted Objects
When I was growing up, in my family’s home we had a china cabinet with glass doors and three shelves on the top level. On the bottom level was a wooden section with doors that could be used for storing small things. This attractive piece of furniture was full of delicate chinaware and other ornate objects that had been collected throughout the years. I remember white dishes beautifully decorated with a red intricate design and on the center shelf, just about at eye level, sat two pilgrim looking figurines. One boy and one girl that held primitive fishing poles in their hands. My mother had them proudly displayed facing out for all to see.

So, what’s the significance of these two commonly dressed figurines and why did they make such a lasting impression in my memory? It wasn’t due to their simplicity, nor that my mother cherished them, but rather it was because of what occurred randomly without explanation.

As I said earlier, the boy and girl figurines would always be displayed facing out, but on occasion without any definable reasoning, we would find these two turned completely around, facing inward with their backs to us. Upon questioning, no one knew how it happened. At first, we basically brushed it off until it happened a few more times. It wasn’t a nightly thing, not even something that we would wake up to on a daily basis, but it still happened and we were totally baffled by it.

We tried debunking the phenomenon by coming up with plausible rationalizations, but nothing proved conclusive as far as logic could explain. The boy and girl figurines would be perfectly placed looking outward, but for some strange reason, we would randomly awake to them turned backwards as if on purpose. And each time it happened, never a sound was heard, nor did the atmosphere change. Also, no one was ever afraid, nor felt any kind of malevolence.

We did not live in a haunted house, let me make that clear, but those two figurines simply could not be explained. Perhaps it was a simple gesture from the other side with just enough presence to make itself known…


                                                                                                 ~ Sheila Renee Parker

                                                                                                  Author. Artist. Empath.

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The Afterlife ~ A Corporeal’s Transition
© November 24th, 2017 Sheila Renee ParkerGhost Dreams
Crossing over into the afterlife isn’t an easy subject for many to talk about simply because it involves the thought of losing a loved one who is very dear to them.

Unfortunately, it has been a little more than seven years since my father’s passing. His death was extremely untimely and a total shock to me and my family. I’ll never forget that call I received in the wee hours of the morning of the heartbreaking news. It was a moment that had changed my life forever. There were so many questions left unanswered and so many raw emotions revealed. I was angry for months on end and wanted to know why he was taken from us so abruptly without warning.

And then, one random night while in my sleep, my father appeared in a dream. He didn’t say a word. His face was solemn and guarded, yet caring and warm. In the dream he was observing me like he was making sure that I was ok. The morning after I awoke, I was saddened because of the lack of communication, but also grateful for his visit.

It wasn’t a dream like any other. It felt very real with vivid imagery that still resides in my memory to this day. That was actually the first of several dreams where my father made his presence known. Over the course of a few months, each dream my father would become more interactive. The most recent time he visited me, he hugged me and we said “I love you” to each other. That was the last time that I saw him. It was a good visit, something needed as in a sense of closure for us both.

My father is always with me in my heart. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him…. missing him. Our relationship as father and daughter wasn’t an easy one, but nevertheless, there were some really good times that still make me smile.

The deceased visiting their loved ones in dreams is actually a common phenomena experienced by many. When people die, sometimes there are some who may hang around for whatever reason they have. Sadly, some spirits may not even realize that they’ve passed on and they’re trying to continue living their lives just as they did before. Others may stick around to complete unfinished business that they believe only they can accomplish. Then, there are the ones that I believe are like my father, that hang around long enough to make sure that we’re ok after they’ve died.

Spirits and the living are very similar. The living possess a myriad of personality traits that cause some people to be good while others to be bad. It’s the same with spirits, some are good and some aren’t. However, a lot of spirits may become angry after their passing due to the fact that they might feel cheated out of life for whatever reason they died. Although, many spirits are more accepting and are ready to move on.

Our loved ones have many ways of making their presence known to us. Some, like my father, appear to us in dreams because it’s when our minds are most relaxed. Many may appear as simple signs recognized only by the surviving loved ones like butterflies fluttering nearby while the living is thinking of them. Often, people have reported hearing their deceased loved ones call out their names when no one else is around. Or a random odor or fragrance will faintly be noticed by the living, reminding them of the deceased ones when there is no plausible explanation for the smell to exist. For example, I occasionally smell my father’s cigarettes out of the blue (I don’t smoke) and there are no visible signs of smoke either. Only the faint odor wafting by for a brief second.

It has also been reported that many spirits have been seen at their own funerals. Why? Some people believe it’s because the spirits know that a gathering of their loved ones will be there and it could possibly be the easiest way for them (the spirits) to have closure before crossing over, saying their final good-byes.

Can everyone see spirits? No. But I do believe that spirits make their presence known to those who will be more receptive to seeing them. The key is to be open minded. There’s a huge world of the unknown out there. Don’t fear it, accept that it does exist…

                                                                                              ~ Sheila Renee Parker

                                                                                               Author. Artist. Empath

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A Beautiful Dream
© November 18th, 2017 Ashley99738899Ghost Dreams
This is my friend's story, his name is Keshawn and he will be typing. It's 9:45 pm right now so he will start typing, bye. Hey, guys, my name is Keshawn Long. I've never done anything like this, so let's start with the story.

I had a dream but it was something that I couldn't explain. Well, I guess I can say that the dream was beautiful to me. In my dream, I was in the woods. It was twilight and it was cloudy, I was wandering around and everything was so beautiful. I saw blue flowers, I heard and saw bluebirds in the trees, the clouds and the sky were light blue, of course, it was twilight. Then I saw a woman, she had long black hair and she had a white dress on and she had light brown skin. She came up to me and said hello with a soft voice. I said Hi, how are you? Then she said, oh I just love seeing the sky around this time and the feeling that I get around this time.

Then I woke up and I had this feeling like something was telling to look outside. I went to the window, it was morning around this time. I went into shock when I saw that it was the woman from my dream and she was standing by the trees in the woods. I can tell it was her, with the dress and the hair and also her beautiful brown skin. I ran outside towards the woods and I loudly said hello as I was looking for the woman.
Right there, I stopped when I felt this cool air around me and I heard that woman's soft voice, I turned around and I said, hello? Hello? But nobody was there. I just stood in the woods until the sun came out. I felt a peaceful and loving feeling. For some reason, I felt happy and then I prayed. Then I went home.

If you have any questions about my story please comment, ok good night everyone!!!!!! : )

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The Spirit In The Bath Tub
© November 16th, 2017 Courtney666Haunted People
As long as I can remember spirits have been following me and affecting my life. It all started when I was five years old. I remember me and my mom sharing an old house together before she met my dad and my room was on the opposite side of the house and I had my own bathroom. From where my bed was I could see the open door to my bathroom where I could see my bathtub. As a child, I was pigeon-toed and had to wear these shoes at night that would straighten out my feet which made it pretty impossible to walk because there was a bar between the two shoes I had to wear and I just simply could not walk with these on. At the time I was just a young child who had no knowledge of the paranormal or my gifts and these things really scared me because back then I could not understand what was happening to me.

Every night I would go to bed and look over to the entrance of my bathroom door and see a silhouette of like a black shadow of a lady laying in my bathtub crying and weeping. Needless to say at that age it scared me to death. I would literally crawl out of bed and drag myself to my mom's room down the hall because I could not walk due to the shoes I had to wear to straighten my feet out. It was absolutely horrifying. This would happen almost every single night and I had to constantly deal with it. I eventually told my mom and she just thought that I was imagining everything I was seeing. I would cover my face with the blanket and try to fall asleep just to pretend it wasn't happening and eventually it stopped and also around that time my mom met my dad and they got married and moved out of that house.

So here we were. Me and my Mom and my new Step Father. We moved into an older house that he had lived for a very long time. I was about twelve years old when strange things started happening to me again. I was playing with some kids that lived on my street and they said that there was a weird abandoned house that was creepy that we should all go check out. So we rode our bikes to this very strange old Victorian house where I had a very strong draw to. We went inside and everything was old and abandoned and very dusty from the many years it had not seen life. We made our way to the backyard where we found an old smaller house that had old Mason jars filled with really old preserves. It was there that I found this really old black velvet Victorian dress that was made for a young girl about my age. I felt really drawn to it. Like it was meant for me. So I decided to take the dress home with me and I even tried it on and it fit perfectly. I felt like there was something attached to this dress and I felt like whatever it was wanted me to have this dress so I kept it for a short time. But then weird things started happening to me. At night I would wake up laying on my side with the sensation that someone was laying next to me. I would feel heat. Then a body. Then I would hear Breathing right next to my body! and as it got more intense I would eventually realize there was someone laying right next to me and at that point, I would scream and my parents would come running into my room only to see the bump of someone laying there in my blanket slowly going down like it was never there.

I tried and tried to convince my parents that I wasn't crazy and that what I was experiencing was real. They did not believe me and my mom eventually took me to a shrink because she thought something was wrong with me. They put me on medication and made me talk to someone every week because they simply did not understand what was wrong with me. I felt crazy. I felt confused not having any idea what could possibly be wrong with me. But no one would believe me and even my family was scared to be around me because they thought that what I was experiencing was "demonic" due to there Christian beliefs. You have no idea how isolated and alone I felt especially not knowing what these things could possibly be.

So years went by and I was drawn to the Paranormal and started researching it and my abilities. I got drawn to the new age movement. I got drawn to spiritualism and tarot and started learning about psychic medium abilities as well and then it all started making a lot of sense to me and I didn't feel so crazy anymore. I talked to my mom about these things when I got older and funny enough she told me she couldn't believe what I was experiencing when I was five because apparently, the lady who I used to see weeping in the bathtub was a lady who had actually committed suicide in that very same bathtub! she found this out later when I was older but It just confirmed to me that what I was seeing all that time was real and never fake. It really kind of blew my mind! Also, my mom told me that the old Victorian house I went to and found that dress I felt so Drawn to was apparently from a girl who was burned alive in a fire in her house in the early 1900s. I literally realized that this girl was the one who drew herself to me because I was drawn to her energy and wanted to help her. Apparently, the girl's name was Isabella. She died at age 12 years old. So needless to say as an adult this blew my mind and since these things have happened to me I have worked hard to develop my abilities as a psychic medium because I feel that I am a light to spirits to show them the way so that they may cross over. I have had many more Paranormal experiences as an adult and I truly believe that there is such thing as life after Death but that is another story.

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It Has Batteries....Right?
© November 14th, 2017 ParanormalVacationsHaunted Objects
I had to have it. It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas. I was like I was a child possessed. More like a child brainwashed by the media, but I really didn’t care. I didn’t care if I got any other presents. I wanted that silly talking baby doll. I mean really, what could be cooler? A baby doll that talked, blinked its eyes and moved its mouth. It was the coolest! So naturally, I was elated when I opened Baby Heather on Christmas morning.

Baby Heather was designed to simulate a real baby.Therefore, if left alone for any period of time it would cry until it was picked up, fed, or its diapers were changed. She was the coolest!

My attention in her probably didn’t last as long as my parents probably hoped for, given how much they paid. As my attention waned, the doll became more “needy.” After all, it was programmed that way. So, I removed the battery and she was placed on a shelf with my other dolls.

One would think that her constant need for attention would end there. No batteries, no crying. Right? At least that’s what I thought.

I went on with my life without her. Barely paying her a second thought or a passing glance as I walked by her on the shelf. Years passed and I was somewhere in junior high before I even noticed her again.

One evening, I was in the living room watching TV after dinner. I thought I heard Baby Heather crying in my room. Knowing that it couldn’t be possible and it stopped rather quickly, I dismissed the noise. A cat maybe? Or the wind.

That evening, as I made my way to my bed in the low light, my foot bumped something on the ground. A cry let loose. Both from me and the doll. Not only should it not be making noise, but it should have been on the shelf across the room. Even in my younger years, I was a skeptical believer. I believed in ghosts and the paranormal but didn’t immediately proclaim that there was a ghost afoot. I was startled and had no explanation for the doll being where it was, but rationalized that maybe a cat knocked it down and the dog drug it across the room. Yeah, I went with that.

I picked up the doll and placed it back on the shelf and promptly went to bed. Sometime before dawn, I was woken by the sounds of a loud thump and crying from the doll. This time I knew that nothing knocked it off the shelf. I was terrified and went with the philosophy that if I hid under my blanket and couldn’t see it, it couldn’t see me. The doll continued to cry for what felt like an eternity but in reality was probably less than a minute. It ended its mechanical tears with a spine-tingling “Mama.”

I did not go back to sleep and did not get out of bed until my mother came in to get me up for school. I left the doll where she was, not knowing what to think really.

Eventually, I convinced myself that it must still have batteries in it and is short-circuiting or something. When I got home from school, I marched right into my room picked up the doll, flipped her onto her stomach and proceeded to open the battery compartment.

Then I froze, goosebumps up and down my arms and I had to fight the urge to run screaming. NO Batteries! I stood there frozen in disbelief and fear, as she uttered “Mama.” Now that got me moving. I promptly threw her into the closet and closed the door.  

I never touched her again but on several occasions, I could hear her cry or call out “mama” from the depths of my closet.

I don’t know why I never threw her away and have no clue what happened to her. She was still in the closet when I moved out of my parent’s house when I turned 18 and still occasionally emitting her tearless cries.

To this day, I can’t stand baby dolls. Island of the dolls documentaries scare me more than any horror movie. I have even asked friends to remove dolls from guest rooms when I visit them.

Wanna see the horror of Baby Heather in action? Watch this video

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Child Apparition
© November 12th, 2017 Cryptid HunterHaunted Houses
This experience happened to me while I was traveling through the Mojave Desert back in 2001. I was getting ready to come back home to Las Vegas after visiting my then girlfriend who lived in Lancaster Ca. It was a Sunday night at 9 pm when I decided to make the long drive back home. It had just finished raining in Lancaster and there was a lot of overcast, so it was a pretty dark cold and creepy night. I decided to take a backroad instead of the freeway because I love finding abandoned buildings to explore.
I took old HWY 58 to the town of Hinkley Ca, as I drove through the small nearly deserted town I found a road that had 4-5 abandoned houses all near each other.

I drove around for a bit just until I felt comfortable enough that no one was in one of the houses I wanted to go in and explore. The 2 story house was fairly old and had been vandalized throughout the years. I got off my truck and pulled out my flashlight and walked the outside perimeter of the abandoned home. As I came back around with my light I noticed a small silhouette in one of the windows that was facing towards the street. I shun my light up towards it but I could not see anyone standing there.

I yelled out a couple of "hellos" just in case someone was squatting inside the house they would somehow know I was friendly. No one answered. I waited a few minutes outside and without shining my light to it I kept looking towards the same window where I had seen a figure of a small person standing. I saw the same figure standing by the window, I raised my hand and waved but it did not wave back, instead, it walked backward deeper into the room until I couldn't see it anymore.

I decided to leave the place but fearing that it may be a child or a small kid that was lost I decided to go inside the house to see if it was ok or if it needed help. As I walked up the porch to the front door I remember thinking that I was an idiot for doing this. I called out a couple of times to see if anyone replied but no one did. I slowly walked all of the downstairs rooms and when I saw that they were empty I decided to go upstairs. As I was walking up the stairs the floorboards squeaking below me did not help with my nerves. I called out a few more times but no one answered so I started calling out "hey kid, are you ok? do you need any help?".

I went through 2 of the upstairs rooms but they were also empty, so I headed towards the end room where I had seen the silhouette, the room was decorated for a small child. The walls were painted from what seemed to be of little kids. I heard what I think was 2 knocking sounds that came from the closet area so I walked towards it thinking that a kid might be hiding in there but when I walked in that room there was no kid and all there was were a set of pajamas hanging from the closet. I think that I almost fainted when I didn't see any kid inside the room and I decided to get the hell out of that place. A few weeks passed by when I went to visit my girlfriend in Lancaster again and on my way back to Las Vegas again I decided to return to the house and film the inside of it, the same set of pajama pants was still hanging from the closet.

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Ghost In The Road
© November 12th, 2017 AnonymousGhost and Black-eyed Children
Here in Hawaiian Village, Oahu, there is a legend of a child that was killed in the street, he was hit by a car one day when his toy ball rolled out into the street and the little boy ran after it. There was an older lady behind the wheel, who couldn't stop in time, and tragically she struck the little boy and killed him, this is the legend, supposedly the event occurred in the summer of 72.

Now fast forward to a moonlit summer night in 1989. I was driving my car home and was coming up to the section where the boy was killed back in 1972. About 500 feet ahead of me I see a little child dart out in front of the road, scared the hell out of me, I didn't instantly correlate the legend with what had just happened because I was in shock that there would be a child running in the street so late at night.

As I approached the section where I saw the child run out into the street, there was nothing or nobody there, just endless beach up to the ocean, so I could easily have noticed if the child was still there.

Then I began to think about the legend and got chills all over my body. That night I believe I saw the ghost of the child from the legend. That night was a very weird event that still has me bewildered to this day.

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A Little Girl Who Is Sad
© November 10th, 2017 Ashley99738899Apparitions
So this happened to me yesterday when I went into the bathroom in the store, right when I entered I heard crying, then the crying got a little bit louder. I said, are you ok? Then I looked in the stalls but there was nobody there. Right away I thought about ghosts then I tweet about it on Twitter. I went to the man in front of the store and I told him about the crying. He said, oh really I heard stories about that. Then I said, what happened? He said, well a little girl died in there. I asked him how. Then the man said she killed herself. I asked, why? The man said I don't know. I went back to the bathroom and I asked out loud, are you ok? Then I said I know how you feel, you feel depressed then right there I felt sad. I went home and I just started crying for her.
Here is a picture of the bathroom on twitter.

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My First Paranormal Experience
© November 6th, 2017 Sheila Renee ParkerCemetery Ghosts
I was a small child, just barely school age when I had my first experience with the paranormal. I’ve never spoken publicly about it until now, not even at my public speaking events nor book signings have I ever brought up the incident of which I’m about to tell you. Yes, I’ve openly discussed my encounters with shadow people, being touched by spirits, my ability of being an empath and also my ability of angelic communication, but never openly discussed my first recollection of a paranormal encounter. Why? Because to many people, it may sound a bit macabre and strange.

Like I said earlier, I was a small child when it happened. A little girl all dressed up in Sunday clothes right after church services were over. The day was sunny and warm, and the church members were carrying on lighthearted conversations as they were walking out of the building. As my family conversed, my attention was oddly drawn towards the cemetery for no apparent reason, which was only a few feet away. This church was a small, country one with not a very big congregation at all. So the atmosphere was safe and there was no cause for concern as I walked towards the graves. The ground had been undisturbed for quite sometime, meaning that there had been no recent funerals to speak about. Yet, I was undeniably drawn to a particular grave for which I had no connection with. The deceased wasn’t a family member, nor a friend. In fact, the individual had been dead for many years prior to our joining the church. But as I neared the grave, I began to detect a very faint smell. It was one that I had never experienced before, quite fragrant and soft. The inviting smell drew me even closer to the peaceful plot.

Now keep in mind that no one followed me and that everyone from the church were several feet away, meaning that the scent from their perfume/cologne dissipated as I walked away from them. However, this new scent grew stronger as I approached the grave. It was so beautiful and intriguing that it made me want to investigate its origin. The headstone was void of any floral arrangements that would give plausible cause for the unexplained smell. So, I continued to let my nose lead the way which made me only inches above the ground. At this point, I was literally sniffing the Earth that was immediately below my nose. Only grass separated me from the dirt. Yet, this inconceivable fragrance had become even stronger. In my innocent mind I started seeing brief images of bones, like I was looking down into the grave below. Was I led to this spot by the deceased individual? Perhaps what I was smelling was the beautiful fragrance they wore when they were alive. Maybe the spirit of the deceased noticed my gift and wanted to connect with me.

I wanted so badly to take my little fingers and dig into the dirt so I could find out more, but was abruptly stopped upon my grandmother’s discovery. And ever since then, every time I see bones, I’m quickly reminded of the beautiful fragrance I’ve never experienced again. The incident still remains a mystery to me, a fascination that I will never forget.

~ Sheila Renee Parker

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My Aversion With The Ouija Board
© November 6th, 2017 Sheila Renee ParkerOuija Board Experiences
More than two decades have passed since the night I played with the infamous Ouija Board. Thinking back, not really sure what was going through my head and what prompted me to attempt such nefarious communication. Perhaps the notion could have been given credit due to the thought of innocent play, but after witnessing a few things, there was nothing innocent proven about it.

It was at night and I was with two others. We were just three teenagers looking for something to do and there were no adults around. So, we lit some candles in the room we were in and also in the room next to us. The atmosphere was all aglow with amber lighting as we readied the spirit board. Once the planchette was placed, we silenced our speech and cleared our minds. With our fingers on the communicative tool, we asked our first question, “is there anyone here?”. Moments passed and nothing happened. We were patient and asked again. That’s when the planchette moved. Even though the movement was slight, it was still quite detected. Of course, we asked each other who was causing the action, but we all vowed that we weren’t responsible.

The room was beginning to feel a bit tense, but we decided to continue. We asked a few more questions like, “who are you?” and “when did you die?”…. the typical questions of curiosity. What we got in response seemed innocent enough. We were told that the spirit was a female who had died many years prior in a train wreck. That’s when I started to feel uneasy because we were at home, way out in the country and there weren’t any train tracks around for many miles.

Then, we asked if the spirit was there to cause us any harm and we were told “no”. After that, we proceeded to ask if the spirit ever thought about coming back as a living person in the form of reincarnation. It replied that it already had done that, meaning that it had already been reborn.

Our hearts raced and the looks on our faces were of shock and confusion, but we continued by asking “who have you been reincarnated into?” It answered with the name of an individual with whom I hold very, very dear…. someone that I knew in fact had not been inhabited by the spirit. We questioned the spirit on how it could have been reincarnated as someone we knew among the living, if they were communicating with us by use of the Ouija Board. A long, awkward pause lingered. There was no response through the planchette, but a candle that was sitting very securely in the center of a table in the next room, all of a sudden fell over, making a loud noise. There was no explanation to how the candle could have fallen because we were all three hovering over the spirit board and there was no one else in the house.

As frightened as we were, we asked the spirit one last question, “did you cause the candle to fall over?” It’s reply was, “yes”.

Immediately, we stopped playing with the Ouija Board and quickly put it away. The remainder of the night we stayed wide awake, too scared to sleep. To this day I don’t know what ever happened to that Ouija Board and I don’t really care, but I do know one thing for certain and that is…… I will never mess with a spirit board ever again.

                                                                                                ~ Sheila Renee Parker

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A Boy Who Loves Her
© November 1st, 2017 Ashley99738899Loved Ones / Friendly Visits
So this happened to my other friend Jessica, she said when she was little she was best friends with this boy that had no friends until middle school. He told her he was going through depression, she started bringing him food from home and hung out with him in town. Then one night she started getting love messages and calls from him, he kept on saying I love you, I want to be with you.

She told him I just want to be friends. He didn't message her back or call her or go to school until she heard the news he killed himself because of depression. When she went to his grave, for some reason she got knocked out. She told me that she had a dream that she was in the woods, she told me she was wearing a white dress. When she saw him she ran to him and hugged him. He told her, you were always a good person to me and I'll protect you. Then she woke up.
I hope you guys liked her story, if you have any questions about her story, please let me know, thank you.

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The Confused Man
© October 30th, 2017 Ashley99738899General Ghost Stories
This is my friend who is going to type so yeah. Hey guys, my name is Deanna so this is my story, I hope you like it. So one time I was in my field watching the sunset when a man came up to me, he said what year is it? its 2007 right? I said no sir and who are you? He said I killed myself because I hated my life. Then I started hearing voices in the woods then he said I gotta go because the others are waiting. Then he ran so fast that he disappeared in the woods. Now I realize he was a ghost that was confused. I hope you like my story. I know I know it was a short story but it did really happen to me. If you have any questions comment bye.

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The Old Woman
© October 30th, 2017 Ashley99738899Ghost Dreams
So this happened to me, well in my culture if a cricket goes in your house at night that means a ghost wants to talk to you. I didn't know about it until this happened to me, so one night I was watching TV. My favorite movie was on and all of a sudden I saw a black cricket on the floor. I was thinking should I kill it then I just said to myself let the little guy live. Then the cricket goes in my room right there I started hearing footsteps like someone was walking around in my room. I was scared and plus I wanted to know who was it so I grabbed a spray bottle and I went in the room and I saw an old woman in my mirror.

She looked at me and just smiled at me. I screamed so loud I was thinking about throwing up. I went out and I went in the car drove to my friend's house. I told her what happened, she said was there a cricket in your house at all? I said yes, she said crickets are ghosts in our culture. So I went to sleep at her house then I dreamt I was in my room and I saw the old woman, she said who are you, after that she said that you are a beautiful young woman I wish I looked like you, then I woke up and I got a blessing I went home and went to my room. I looked in the mirror and I said thank you, you are beautiful too. I hope you guys liked my story, have sweet dreams bye.

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Ghost Moves My Water Bottle
© October 27th, 2017 Ashley99738899E.V.P Recordings
So this happened to me, I was playing around with my ghost games then I wanted to do an EVP session so I click the button and I said is there any ghosts here then the EVP said yes. I got scared and happy the same time. I said prove it move my water bottle then my water bottle fell on the ground and water was just coming out, I just stood there then I ran outta there I drove to town. The next morning I went home then I saw the water bottle was in the middle of my room, I tried looking for the water, the water was just gone so today I'm ok because I got a blessing, I don't know if the ghost is still in my house. This was my ghost story I hope you guys like it. I have another one coming up. My name is Ashley so have a great day!!!?

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Demonic Neighbor
© October 7th, 2017 sav8604Demons / Possessions
My mom and I lived in a haunted apartment for 19 years, and we believe there was activity throughout the entire building, not just our apartment. We had a neighbor living directly upstairs from us, and for 3 years, he was the perfect neighbor. Then, one day, my mother told me he had started hissing at her when she left the building to go to a friends house. It was just the beginning of some extremely bizarre behavior out of him. He started banging pipes on the floor of his apartment, started threatening the landlady, and also a lot of other people in the neighborhood people as well. He especially liked to scare children and elderly women.
We knew something was terribly wrong with him, with his behavior changing so much. One day we were walking down the street, my mom said, hey, there he is. And she pointed at a man who looked just like the neighbor who was behaving badly. And then, out of nowhere, this man morphed into someone else, and then we saw another man, who happened to be the neighbor stepping out from behind a nearby tree.

If this was not weird enough, he came across the street towards us, and when he got right up to us, we could see his facing changing right in front of our eyes. Not just his facial expression, but the bone structure was actually changing right in front of our eyes, changing his facial features entirely, so that he looked like a different person. It was then that we understood that he had a possession going on. We knew we were in the presence of evil. The last we heard, he had been kicked out of a mental institution for behaving in a threatening way to the other patients.

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Face In The Kramer Print
© October 7th, 2017 sav8604Ghost Photographs
This is a close up of the face that showed up in our haunted Kramer Print, as told about in the haunted objects category


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Kramer Has Company
© October 7th, 2017 sav8604Haunted Objects
My mother has a thing for Kramer from Seinfeld. So, one year for Christmas, I bought her a framed print of him. It hung on the wall for about 9 months, and then one night, we were telling some friends how haunted our apartment was. We were all about to go ghost hunting together, so these friends had camera's with them. One of them started taking pictures, and he was looking through them on the camera when he noticed one of the pictures had a face that did not belong. The face showed up in the print of Kramer.

We know it was not a reflection of anyone in the apartment, because the face is that of a male, and the only male in the apartment had a camera in front of his face. Also, in the photo, you will notice a reflection of a lighting fixture that was hanging from the ceiling. Based on the fact that the face showed up above this reflection, the face would have had to have been on the ceiling to have also been a reflection. A couple of days later, my mom and I were talking about how the print was haunted, and that we should maybe sell it. As soon as we said that, the print fell off of the wall! I am including the close up of the photo, to highlight where the face is. I will post the picture to the photos category of this site

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Troubled Road
© October 6th, 2017 sav8604Ghost Photographs
Back when I lived in Ohio, I lived in a small town on a brick road. It had a Mayberry feel to it. One of the streets leading into the town was called Fairport Nursery Road. This road was very dark, with few street lights. There were also lots of curves on the road, and lots of fatal car accidents happened on this road. This was this one curve in particular that seemed to have more accidents than anywhere else on the road. It was a trouble spot. So, my mother and a few friends of mine decided it might be a good place to gather photos, as we considered it to be a hot spot of activity with all of the deaths that had happened on that spot.
So, we parked the vehicle right at the very spot that so many tragedies happened at and started taking pictures. The first two photos showed nothing out of the ordinary, but the 3rd pictured showed a massive amount of spirit vapor. We believe this may have been spirit activity happening.


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Funeral Home Spirit Vapor
© October 3rd, 2017 sav8604Ghost Photographs
Back when we lived in Ohio, my mother and I began ghost hunting. We still do to this day. We were aware that construction can stir up activity. So, when a funeral home nearby where we lived was being physically relocated to a different property, we decided to get some photos of it after it made it's way to the new location. Literally, the first photo my mother took showed a large amount of spirit vapor covering the funeral home. I hve added the pic to this post, hopefully, it will show up so you can all see it.


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New Apartment
© October 3rd, 2017 sav8604General Ghost Stories
Right before I turned 7 years old, my parents divorced, and my mother and I moved into a new apartment in a neighboring community. It was in an older building, built in 1927. So, I assume there must have been a lot of previous tenants who lived in the building. Within a few weeks of moving in, my mother mentioned she could hear breathing in her ear at night as she was trying to fall asleep. I told her she was just hearing my breathing. She did not think so, as we slept in separate bedrooms. This went on for several weeks when she came up with an idea. When I went for a weekend visit with my father, she was in the apartment alone, and she could hear the breathing in her ear again. So, she held her breath, trying to eliminate herself as the source of the sound. She could still hear the breathing! The walls that separated our apartment from the apartment next door were very thick, so she knows it was not the neighbor she could hear breathing.

I still thought she was mistaken, until a few months later, when I began to hear the sounds of footsteps in the apartment late at night. I thought several times that my mother must have gotten up in the middle of the night to do something and that it was her footsteps I was hearing. So, I asked her about it one morning, and she said she does not walk around the apartment in the middle of the night. I was sure she was the source of the sound, until one night when the footsteps were really loud, and I went into her bedroom and found her in a deep sleep. Nobody else was in the apartment. At this point, I knew someone else was there with us. We lived in that apartment for 19 years before finally moving out of Ohio entirely. And over those years, the footsteps were increased, as eventually, I could hear what sounded like several people walking around the apartment, rather than just one. The footstep sounds eventually found their way into my bedroom. I had a bathroom connected to my bedroom, and I kept the door closed to the bathroom, because of things that were going on in there at night that was scaring me. So, I usually kept my bookbag for school slung over the bathroom door knock, and a few times, I could hear what sounded like someone looking through my book bag. When I told my mother about this, she told me that the spirits were checking to make sure I did my homework!

This is just one of many ghost stories we have from that apartment, some of which will be posted under a different category.

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A Mississippi Haunting
© September 17th, 2017 SydneyGeneral Ghost Stories
In the early 1990's, my husband and I bought a small house in a quaint, historic neighborhood.  The house was built sometime in the 1960's and had known at least four or five different owners before we purchased it, but no one mentioned any paranormal experiences during the buying process.  Within three weeks of moving in, strange noises began surfacing.  Since my husband worked the night shift, he was rarely home at normal bedtime hours when the loud thumping and slamming sounds filled the house.  Every night when I turned the lights off and crawled into bed, the noises would start.  Sometimes it was so loud that it sounded like someone marching in the attic above my bed.  I even discussed this with my husband and told him that someone must be living up there.  Of course he dismissed it, but the phenomena continued.

Weeks turned into months and more bizarre things started happening.  Phantom phone calls occurred almost daily when the phone would ring, but each time I answered it, I was always met with a dead silence.  Lights began flickering on and off.  We began experiencing weird plumbing issues with the bathroom faucets spewing water in our faces at random times, but nothing was ever found to be a source of the problem.  Footsteps were heard outside the house, but no one was ever seen.  

One night I was home alone and talking on the phone to a friend when an eerie, white mist suddenly drifted through the living room door and into the middle of the room.  It was in the perfect shape of a human form and stood about 5'10" tall.  I was frozen with terror as I stared at it coming toward me.  I then threw the phone down and raced for the door.  When I finally re-entered the house, there was no sign of the spooky mist.  

A few weeks later, my husband was home and watching television in the den while I was sleeping in the bedroom.  Something awakened me from a strange dream where I felt as if I was floating.  When I finally opened my eyes, the bed was shaking and the room had a strange red glow.  My body was rigid as I lay in the bed, my eyes darting from side to side as I struggled to breathe.  I tried to scream but could not find my voice.  I turned my eyes toward the door and noticed that it was still halfway open.  I squeezed my eyes shut and then forced myself to jump forward, flinging the door wide open.  I breathed deep until the fear subsided, and I was able to return to bed.  To this day, I would swear that I was levitating before I woke up.

After having a Catholic priest bless the house, the paranormal activity seemed to quieten for awhile.  But it never went away.  The former owner of the home later disclosed that they had also experienced paranormal phenomena while living there.  This news was very disturbing to me because we bought the home without knowing that it was haunted.  When I questioned the former owner, they admitted that they often saw a ball of light dancing through the hall and into adjacent rooms.  Further research on the property revealed that the area had once been a Confederate campsite during the Civil War and a graveyard for horse thieves.  We finally sold the house and moved to another location, but this is a haunted memory that I will never forget!

Sleep With the Lights ON!

L. Sydney Fisher
On the web:

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The Laughing Ghost
© September 4th, 2017 RavenSnow87Cemetery Ghosts
When I was younger, I was totally goth. I and my girlfriends did the typical stuff, dressed in black, wore black make-up and all that stuff. There was a cemetery right down the street from my house, so we would go and hang out there sometimes, but I never went by myself until one day I was walking home from my friend's house and it was just getting dark, the weather was cold, I had my jacket on but the wind was brisk so I was in a hurry to get home.

As I was walking next to the cemetery, the wind was pushing against my face and ears and I began to hear a child's laugh coming straight from the cemetery on the other side of the fence where all the headstones were. I stopped as soon as I heard the child laughing, it was a very faint but distinctive kid's laughter sound and it spooked the hell out of me. When I stopped to listen to the laughing sound and to see where it was coming from, my eyes were drawn to a headstone and I was able to read the name and date of birth and death, after reading the headstone I easily determined it was a child's grave, around 7 years old. I got this really sad feeling, it was a really surreal experience. To this day, I wonder just what it was.

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The Attic Door
© September 4th, 2017 Jennie928Attic Ghosts
When I was a child, we lived in a 3 story house in Minnesota,
I never got a haunted feeling from the house but it did have a huge attic,
the door to the attic was in the playroom, the playroom was on the third floor so you would have to go through the playroom to access the attic. One day when we were in the playroom having fun when the doorknob to the attic started to turn back and forth, ever so slightly the doorknob started to wiggle. Me and my brothers and sisters looked at each other and freaked out and ran downstairs to get dad. After we got dad, we all went back upstairs, dad was carrying his shotgun, he thought it might be a burglar.

So we all made it back upstairs and surrounded the door to the attic, we counted to three and opened the door to the attic expecting to see someone or something and wholla, there was nothing behind the door, my little sister Becky started crying, she was freaked out, I was just kinda in shock.

Well, that was the end of us playing in that playroom, we jut kinda stayed out of there after that. We never knew what it was that shook and turned that doorknob to the door that opened up to the staircase to the attic but to this day I still get a chill thinking about it. We moved out of that house about a year later. But my memory of the ghost in the attic is still as strong today as it was the day we all saw the doorknob wiggle. I do believe in the paranormal, just too many things I've seen, just like this, has made me a believer.

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Nanna's Perfume
© September 3rd, 2017 Jennie928Apparitions
My grandmother was a very nice lady, very well kept and worked as a receptionist for 20 years before she retired, she was just so glamorous and classy and she would wear the most lovely clothes, jewelry, and perfume. I loved the smell of Nanna's perfume although I don't know what it was called. Well, my grandma ended up dying in her sleep, one day she just didn't wake up, she was 87 when she passed, I believe she had a heart attack in her sleep they said. She left us five years ago.

We were really close so I was probably the saddest of everyone who knew her.
Not soon after the funeral, maybe three days later, I was sitting in my bedroom and crying, thinking about my grandma, we called her Nanna, well as I was thinking about my Nanna, I whispered, "I love you Nanna" and then all of a sudden I got this really peaceful feeling and I could smell Nanna's perfume, that lovely flowery fragrance of Nanna's perfume. I believe Nanna visited me that day to tell me that she was okay. I knew Nanna was with me and calmed me down. I will always remember that day and it made me a believer that there are things beyond this world that cannot be explained.

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Historic Home Ghost
© August 15th, 2017 Ghost Girl 88General Ghost Stories
Hello, my name is Haylee, and I want to tell you a little bit about my own house...

In a small town in Central New York, a couple by the name of Elizabeth and Richard Brown had built a House that they could also work in. Known as "Browns Funeral Home" yes my house was built to be the families business as a Funeral Home. As the entire down stairs to the home was strictly used for the Funeral home business. The couple along with their son lived upstairs. In the early 1900s the back of the funeral home had caught on fire (cause unknown). As the fire wiped out their family business it also took the life of their only child. The couple closed the business and eventually closed off the entire upstairs. The couple had remained in the house through the years until the 1940s when the couple had passed away in the house.

The house sat empty until 1969 when the Moore family moved in. Right away the family started experiencing weird things going on threw out the house. One day one of the Moore children went down to the basement to put away holiday decorations. As he got to the bottom of the stairs he screams in fear and ran back to the stairs where he told his mother that something bad grabbed his shoulder but he couldn't see anyone. The mother told him he was just imagining things. As the weeks went on the family would feel cold spots, heard footsteps going up and down the stairs, things falling and crashing to the floors upstairs to only find nothing had fallen out of place. Radios and TVs would turn on and off all hours of the nights. In 1971 the Moore family moved out.

The house again sat empty until 1992 when the Hodge family moved in. Slowly remodeling the out to update it. A couple weeks into living the house the Hodge family began experiencing the same weird happenings. The Hodge family oh thought it out to just being an "old house" and that it was settling. Until 1996 when one of the Hodge children began claiming he kept seeing a tall man in his bedroom. Which this bedroom had used to be a bathroom until the Hodge family had remodeled it into en extra bedroom. The Parents would just tell their dad n he was imagining things in the dark and that his mind was playing tricks on him, the family eventually moved out in 1998...

Once again where it sat empty until February of 2001 when my family had moved in. From the beginning, I would tell my parents I always felt like I was being watched. Things would always fall off of the shelf to only go to the scene and see nothing on the floor or out of place. Radios and t.v. Would turn on all hours of the night. Always feeling cold spots. I moved out in 2007 after I graduated high school. To only turn around a move right back in 2009 after the birth of my son. From the time my son was old enough to notice things, I would always catch him looking and pointing in certain directions giggling (no one would be there) because of this I always kept him in my room. But as he got old enough to walk and needed a normal size bed he was moved into the remodeled bedroom. From the time he was able to talk he would always claim to see a (tall man) in his closet. He is 8 years old now and still claims to see him every now and then. We still get cold spots and hear things crashing to the floor to only find that nothing had fallen. Electronics go off randomly. Our light fixtures blow out constantly. Still, hear the sounds of footsteps up and down the stairs. And have also over the years taken a picture with orbs over the heads of only my dad and 2 brothers. Unsure of why only them? But it will only happen when the photo is taken in the Kitchen.

So there is my personal ghost story. The Story of the Haunted Funeral Home.

P.s. Yes my family still lives in the house and plan on keeping it in the family. No one has ever been hurt or attacked physically.

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Storm's House Guest
© July 2nd, 2017 BaronGhost Photographs
A good friend of mine name Storm, from Midland Missouri, shared this pic with me, she claimed her house was haunted, she said that would hear a child's voices and laughter coming from unknown locations. Storm ended up capturing this picture of a ghost child in her hallway.  One of the best photos I've seen to date.  She has moved from the house sinse this pic was taken. Who was the ghost child?


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My Ouija Board Trip
© June 26th, 2017 BaronOuija Board Experiences
So, I was playing with an Ouija board by myself one day, I think it was one of the only times that I ever played with the Ouija boards, but definitely, the first time that I played with the board by myself. The first thing I asked the board, was, "What is your name" and it instantly spelled out "the devil." Scared the crap out of me. I think I honestly burned the board on my patio, on a bbq pit.

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Latest Comments
Mr Ghost Stories in Little Girl Ghost
This is a really good story. It is one of those classics that touch the heart and really open up the mind to what is life and what exists in the afterlife. It also really makes one wonder how and why things happen. It is amazing that the little girl ghost saved your son. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this gem of a ghost story!
GhostQuest in Child Apparition
Oh man, what a creepy story!! I gotta say, you're pretty ballsy for going into those places! Had you been a believer before that?
Mr Ghost Stories in The Attic Door
(November 19th, 2017)Baron Wrote: I like this story, it is chilling, Reminds me of something that happened to me.

I agree with Baron, thanks for sharing this great story!
Mr Ghost Stories in One Strange Night at The Cemetery
Thanks for asking. No, we never went back as a group to summon Mary. But that would have been cool to do so! Especially with an Ouija board.
GhostQuest in One Strange Night at The Cemetery
Creepy!! Did you ever go back to try and ask Mary more questions?
Baron in The Attic Door
I like this story, it is chilling, Reminds me of something that happened to me.
Thomas in It said "Travis"
OMG, this scared me! lol