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Demonic neighbor by sav8604 Demons | Possessions | Exorcisms
My mom and I lived in a haunted apartment for 19 years, and we believe there was activity throughout the entire building, not just our apartment. We had a neighbor living directly upstairs from us, and for 3 years, he was the perfect neighbor. Then, one day, my mother told me he had started hissing at her when she left the building to go to a friends house. It was just the beginning of some extremely bizarre behavior out from him. He started banging pipes on the floor of his apartment, started t...
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Kramer has company by sav8604 Haunted Objects
My mother has a thing for Kramer from Seinfeld. So, one year for Christmas, I bought her a framed print of him. It hung on the wal for about 9 months, and then one night, we were telling some friends how haunted our apartment was. We were all about to go ghost hunting together, so these friends had camera's with them. One of them started taking pictures, and he was looking through them on the camera, when he noticed one of the pictures had a face that did not belong. The face showed up in the pr...
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New Apartment by sav8604 General Ghost Stories
Right before I turned 7 years old, my parents divorced, and my mother and I moved into a new apartment in a neighboring community. It was in an older building, built in 1927. So, I assume there must have been a lot of previous tenants who lived in the building. Within a few weeks of moving in, my mother mentioned she could hear breathing in her ear at night as she was trying to fall asleep. I told her she was just hearing my breathing. She did not think so, as we slept in separate bedrooms. This...
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A Mississippi Haunting by Sydney General Ghost Stories
In the early 1990's, my husband and I bought a small house in a quaint, historic neighborhood.  The house was built sometime in the 1960's and had known at least four or five different owners before we purchased it, but no one mentioned any paranormal experiences during the buying process.  Within three weeks of moving in, strange noises began surfacing.  Since my husband worked the night shift, he was rarely home at normal bedtime hours when the loud thumping and slamming sounds filled the hous...
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The laughing Ghost by RavenSnow87 Cemetery Ghosts
When I was younger, I was totally goth. I and my girlfriends did the typical stuff, dressed in black, wore black make-up and all that stuff. There was a cemetery right down the street from my house, so we would go and hang out there sometimes, but I never went by myself until one day I was walking home from my friend's house and it was just getting dark, the weather was cold, I had my jacket on but the wind was brisk so I was in a hurry to get home.

As I was walking next to the cemetery, the...
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The attic door by Jennie928 Attic Ghosts
When I was a child, we lived in a 3 story house in Minnesota,
I never got a haunted feeling from the house but it did have a huge attic,
the door to the attic was in the playroom, the playroom was on the third floor so you would have to go through the playroom to access the attic. One day when we were in the playroom having fun when the doorknob to the attic started to turn back and forth, ever so slightly the door knob started to wiggle. Me and my brothers and sisters looked at eachother and...
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Nanna's Perfume by Jennie928 Apparitions
My grandmother was a very nice lady, very well kept and worked as a receptionist for 20 years before she retired, she was just so glamorous and classy and she would wear the most lovely clothes, jewelry, and perfume. I loved the smell of Nanna's perfume although I don't know what it was called. Well, my grandma ended up dying in her sleep, one day she just didn't wake up, she was 87 when she passed, I believe she had a heart attack in her sleep they said. She left us five years ago.

We were ...
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Historic Home Ghost by Ghost Girl 88 General Ghost Stories
Hello, my name is Haylee, and I want to tell you a little bit about my own house...

In a small town in Central New York, a couple by the name of Elizabeth and Richard Brown had built a House that they could also work in. Known as "Browns Funeral Home" yes my house was built to be the families business as a Funeral Home. As the entire down stairs to the home was strictly used for the Funeral home business. The couple along with their son lived upstairs. In the early 1900s the back of the funer...
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My Ouija Board Trip by Shawn Ouija Board Experiences
So, I was playing with an Ouija board by myself one day, I think it was one of the only times that I ever played with the Ouija boards, but definitely, the first time that I played with the board by myself. The first thing I asked the board, was, "What is your name" and it instantly spelled out "the devil." Scared the crap out of me. I think I honestly burned the board on my patio, on a bbq pit.
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My cousin's basement by violet willow Demons | Possessions | Exorcisms
I don't have a long story with much detail anymore. I think I blocked a lot of it out since when I was a child. But when I was younger, something was going on in my cousin's basement. I remember people going down there to see what some "smell" was. I was told I was not allowed to go. So I stayed up in the kitchen. Then I heard a loud thump and screaming and I panicked. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

My cousin's friend tried calming me down and got me to open the door. I was tol...
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