Ghost Photographs: Ghost photographs photographs are picture that contain oddities such as mysterious lights, orbs, or body parts such as mysterious faces and hands, and sometimes all of the above. It is not uncommon for ghost photographs to capture full body apparitions, such as the visual outline that resembles a human form. Popular settings for taking ghost photos usual include known haunted places and cemeteries.
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Face In The Kramer Print0
Witnessed by sav8604   Location: United States, Ohio677
This is a close up of the face that showed up in our haunted Kramer Print, as told about in the haunted objects category Keep Reading

Troubled Road0
Witnessed by sav8604   Location: United States, Ohio470
Back when I lived in Ohio, I lived in a small town on a brick road. It had a Mayberry feel to it. One of the streets leading into the town was called Fairport Nursery Road. This road was very dark, with few street lights. There were also lots of curves on the road, and lots of fatal car accidents happened on this road. This was this one curve in particular that seemed to have more accidents than anywhere else on the road. It was a trouble spot. So, my mother and a few friends of mine decided it ... Keep Reading

Funeral Home Spirit Vapor0
Witnessed by sav8604   Location: United States, Ohio483
Back when we lived in Ohio, my mother and I began ghost hunting. We still do to this day. We were aware that construction can stir up activity. So, when a funeral home nearby where we lived was being physically relocated to a different property, we decided to get some photos of it after it made it's way to the new location. Literally, the first photo my mother took showed a large amount of spirit vapor covering the funeral home. I hve added the pic to this post, hopefully, it will show up so you... Keep Reading

Storm's House Guest0
Witnessed by Baron   Location: United States, Missouri506
A good friend of mine name Storm, from Midland Missouri, shared this pic with me, she claimed her house was haunted, she said that would hear a child's voices and laughter coming from unknown locations. Storm ended up capturing this picture of a ghost child in her hallway.  One of the best photos I've seen to date.  She has moved from the house sinse this pic was taken. Who was the ghost child? Keep Reading