General ghost stories describe paranormal experiences that have a common cord with the known type of hauntings that are nonspecific in category nature. These ghost stories a true experiences and fit the known types of hauntings and experiences that often occur in ghost story settings that are typical of most experiences.
General Ghost Stories
Grandma's basement by sav8604158 reads
When I was going to college, I worked part-time on campus. During winter break, I would do odd jobs for extra income, one of which was to babysit my aunt and uncle's dogs when they were out of town. They were staying in my great grandmother's house at the time and were out of town, and I was left in charge of two small dogs. The basement in this house always freaked me out a little because once when I was little, I saw a blue light hovering on one side of the basement. It was a small glowing blu... Keep Reading
The Confused Man by Ashley99738899240 reads
This is my friend who is going to type so yeah. Hey guys, my name is Deanna so this is my story, I hope you like it. So one time I was in my field watching the sunset when a man came up to me, he said what year is it? its 2007 right? I said no sir and who are you? He said I killed myself because I hated my life. Then I started hearing voices in the woods then he said I gotta go because the others are waiting. Then he ran so fast that he disappeared in the woods. Now I realize he was a ghost that... Keep Reading
New Apartment by sav8604457 reads
Right before I turned 7 years old, my parents divorced, and my mother and I moved into a new apartment in a neighboring community. It was in an older building, built in 1927. So, I assume there must have been a lot of previous tenants who lived in the building. Within a few weeks of moving in, my mother mentioned she could hear breathing in her ear at night as she was trying to fall asleep. I told her she was just hearing my breathing. She did not think so, as we slept in separate bedrooms. This... Keep Reading
A Mississippi Haunting by Sydney4,771 reads
In the early 1990's, my husband and I bought a small house in a quaint, historic neighborhood.  The house was built sometime in the 1960's and had known at least four or five different owners before we purchased it, but no one mentioned any paranormal experiences during the buying process.  Within three weeks of moving in, strange noises began surfacing.  Since my husband worked the night shift, he was rarely home at normal bedtime hours when the loud thumping and slamming sounds filled the hous... Keep Reading
Historic Home Ghost by Ghost Girl 88480 reads
Hello, my name is Haylee, and I want to tell you a little bit about my own house...

In a small town in Central New York, a couple by the name of Elizabeth and Richard Brown had built a House that they could also work in. Known as "Browns Funeral Home" yes my house was built to be the families business as a Funeral Home. As the entire down stairs to the home was strictly used for the Funeral home business. The couple along with their son lived upstairs. In the early 1900s the back of the funer... Keep Reading
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