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New Apartment by sav8604
Right before I turned 7 years old, my parents divorced, and my mother and I moved into a new apartment in a neighboring community. It was in an older building, built in 1927. So, I assume there must have been a lot of previous tenants who lived in the building. Within a few weeks of moving in, my mother mentioned she could hear breathing in her ear at night as she was tryi...
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A Mississippi Haunting. by Sydney
In the early 1990's, my husband and I bought a small house in a quaint, historic neighborhood. The house was built sometime in the 1960's and had known at least four or five different owners before we purchased it, but no one mentioned any paranormal experiences during the buying process. Within three weeks of moving in, strange noises began surfacing. Since my husband worked the night shift, he was rarely home at normal bedtime hours when the loud thumping and slamming sounds filled the hous...
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Historic Home Ghost by Ghost Girl 88
Hello my name is Haylee, and I want to tell you a little bit about my own house...

In a small town in Central New York A couple by the name of Elizabeth and Richard Brown had built a House that they could also work in. Known as "Browns Funeral Home" yes my house was built to be the families business as a Funeral Home. As the entire down stairs to the home was strictly ...
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